Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen SPF50

One of things I bought during the last minute shopping I did for our last hurrah for summer coming very soon is this Hawaiian Tropic Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF50. We were really shooting for the Hawaiian Tropic Ozone SPF70 packaged in the greyish/silver bottle. We found that it was no longer available anywhere! 🙁

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF50

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch claims to Protect, Pamper and Nourish. It has skin-nourishing antioxidants, exotic island botanicals and very water resistant

As for sunscreens and sublock, we have used and tested quite a handful of brands and are disappointed every time. But with the Hawaiian Tropic Ozone SPF70, which we always go back to repurchasing in the previous years, we hardly ever get sunburnt. So with the brand’s history of being able to deliver, I grabbed a hold of this Sheer Touch Lotion SPF50. Here’s hoping this delivers too.

My first impressions of this sunblock is that it sure is sheer as its name implies. I applied it at the back of my hand and nothing of that plastic chemical smell common to regular sunblocks. Practically zero grease too! Now if it keeps us covered the whole time we bathe in the sun, then I’m totally vouching and maybe even hoarding some bottles too.


Fun Under the Sun with Nivea

With our Davao and Surigao trip wrapped up, we are now getting set for a yet exciting summer trip to Bohol and have fun under the Sun with Nivea. I received a handful of Nivea products just before we left for Davao but won’t get to try it until we bask under the Bohol sun.

What got me really interested with Nivea’s Sun Care products is its “no waiting time” capability. While most sun care products in the market require for us to wait from 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure, Nivea made it a tad instant. This can mean a great deal for a mom like me. With a kid who is ready to jump out the sun half way before his body is slathered with sunscreen, I need not worry about him being exposed to the sun “too soon.” (more…)

Neutrogena Healthy Summer Skin Bloggers Event at Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club

Last Friday, April 16, 2010, Kikay Corner set off with 11 other beauty bloggers to Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club for the Neutrogena Healthy Summer Skin Bloggers Event. It cannot be more fitting to talk about healthy skin in a place where people flock to during the summer season – the beach!

I learned a bunch during the event. One learning that I was able to bring home with me is the importance of seeing a PDS accredited dermatologist. Now, I was never a fan of any of those one stop beauty shops that offer facials and all the other beauty treatments. I never had a major skin issue all my life. But that is not so for many of the girls I know and the truth of the matter is, those one stop beauty shops that claim to make you look prettier entice a whole bunch of ladies out there. From the pre-teeners to adults. And it is not surprising that people flock these establishments. They offer treatments with lower tags attached to them as opposed to having to go to a legitimate PDS accredited dermatologist that’s can cost a little pricier.


Beach Hut Max 75++ is okay

beach-hut-max75-kikaycorner-dot-netKikay Corner just tried Beach Hut Max 75++ Clear Spray Sunblock and is pretty happy with it. As reported, with the sheer disappointment Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF55+ has given me, there is no way I am ever going to touch another tube of the same brand again. On our way to Club Manila East two weeks ago, I dropped by Shopwise to get a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic SPF70. When I found none, I grabbed the next sunblock with highest broad spectrum protection.

Beach Hut Max 75++ is okay. Although I have to mention that I did not stay in the pool very long and the weather was rather gloomy. The sun was almost always hiding behind pillows of clouds. The good thing about it is it did not burn my skin. I was in the pool 3 hours give or take.

What you will love about Beach Hut Max 75++..

.. broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection, so you are covered for hours and hours.
.. sweat and water proof. These are very important for sunblock lotions, otherwise protection is just so limited. Why bother to sunblock at all if these two don’t go with the bottle?
.. never messy. It does not even have to touch your hands. No gooey anything to spread all over your body. It is ever so convenient. Definitely no staining and no white gunk you get from your regular sunblock.


Natural Sunburn Reliefs

Fresh Aloe Vera slivers provide excellent sunburn relief. Carefull lay the slivers onto the sun damaged are. The result is guaranteed after fifteen minutes. Continue application of the slivers every fifteen minutes until the pain and redness completely disappears.

An apple cider vinegar wash is also very effective. Mix two tablespoons of the vinegar and two tablespoons of water. Spray on affected areas. Repeat after every fifteen minutes. This proves to be the most convenient. All you need to do is place the concoction in an atomizer and bring it with you in your purse.

Chilled milk also soothes sunburns. Application should be done via compress form.