Also Selling: Organic Thanakha Soap with Glutathione & Rosehip Extract


You can achieve a refreshingly rejuvenated skin with the new Organic Thanakha Soap. The amazing formula of this top-quality soap is an exceptional blend of 100% ORGANIC THANAKHA POWDER, as the main active ingredient combined with the unique skin whitening & anti-oxidant properties of Glutathione and Rose hip extract, respectively, which are both known to successfully diminish scars and blemishes. Retails for P150 or US$3.5/ bar.ย  Minimum of 2 bars per order.

Kindly proceed to KIKAY CORNER ONLINE STORE to order.

KikayCorner.Net is Now an Official Distributor of Thanakha

Please refer back to this post about Thanakha, being the ultimate organic beauty agent. After having found a supplier, anyone would understand why I chose to be a distributor. I cannot emphasize enough how this seemingly outlandish and old fashioned idea of applying a paste of tree bark over your skin can do anyone’s skin any good. After having tested for myself, for more than three years, how this treasure find helped me get rid of warts and milia over my face, which is practically unheard of by modern science. The norm is to have these nasty growths cauterized, right?
Meanwhile, please sit back and wait for more posts and details on how you can order. I understand that this will entail some additional squeezing in to my already piled up everyday schedule. But I will be the most happy to be able to share this wonder product to people from all over after having seen how it benefited me. Please check back in the next few days. ๐Ÿ™‚

A Local Thanakha Seller!

I have spent atleast half an hour last night over the internet, searching for some place I can purchase Thanakha locally. After scratching my head for sometime and almost giving up, voila! I found this lovely site that distributes the organic tree bark!

I jotted down the phone number and will call them one of these days. I won’t type it down here just yet, I am still to investigate if the item is “true blue” (if you know what I mean). Then I will give you all the informations that you need! When I finally get hold of this wonder stuff, I might be willing to stash away synthetic beauty products that I use. Might. ๐Ÿ˜€

Benefits of Thanakha

Thanakha (โ€œLimonia acidissima (Roxb)โ€) is a tree that grows in Sri Lanka, the southern and western parts of India, the north-western part of the Himalayas and in Myanmar.

THANAKHA is an all in one Skin Care product that is Therapeutic. It is also proven to restore youthful skin and protect against the harmful rays of the sun.

If you happen to be one of those who wants to play it safe. You might want to give this a try. You get to smoothen your skin naturally away from all blemishes without the risk of having your skin damaged by harmful cosmetic ingredients every other commercially available brands have.

Thanakha is indeed revolutionary. It’s known active ingredients being Coumarin and Marmesin. The COUMARIN content naturally found in Thanakha is a Phytochemical, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Ageing and Anti-Oxidant. Thanakha enables one’s system to actively produce COLLAGEN and ELASTIN which are the major skin protein in causing Skin Reborn.

Its MARMESIN content, however, naturally protects the skin from UV-A which degrades skin proteins and skin moisture, which causes wrinkles, fine lines and premature ageing. It also shields the skin from UV-B which increases the production of melanin in our skin resulting to skin discoloration, freckles and the worst is skin cancer.

To sum it all up. Thanakha removes acne, pimples, marks, scars, fungi, skin discoloration, white heads, black heads, keloid scars, rough skin, dark skin, wrinkles, freckles. Practically every other skin imperfection.

Thanakha, The Ultimate Organic Beauty Agent

First off, Thanakha dates back to the history of Myanmar. The benefits of which have survived several generations. Today, Thanakha is used as a beauty regimen. This wonder stuff actually comes from a tree bark that you make a yellow paste from before application all over the face.

I first used this back in 2005. I am not a great fan of dermatologists. Aside from not having plentiful of need to go to one, it is just impractical. Especially if you happen to be one of those gals who don’t get too much breakouts and don’t really have problem skin.

By far, this is the most organic product I have come across with that are sold commercially, albeit exclusively. I used to have the distributor’s number in my list of mobile contacts, until my mobile ceased to function probably. Which then got me into jotting down my list of contacts manually. Thankha personally did wonders as it took away some melia and even teeny bitty emerging warts that I then had – all without the aid of a special pricking device of a derma. They all just came off after a while of using Thanakha. I honestly could not recall how long I used it before I lost those unwanted stuff on my face. For sure it wasn’t years.

I bought my first and last jar in Tiendesitas. Now that another milia has mushroomed in between my nose and right eye, I hope to give this one a try again. Do you know of any establishment who sells this locally? I will really appreciate any response. I tried googling Thanakha’s availability in the Philippines and I learned that people are really taking advantage of its scarcity. It is now being sold at 750 a pop! No way! I don’t remember shelling out that amount of money for a bark of tree in a jar. I will probably swing around Tiendesitas one of these days just to take a peek. Hoping that the sellers of Thanakha is still around somewhere.

What’s the Fuss Over Thanakha?

You may be wondering what Thankaha is all about. You might want to track back some posts and learn more about this organic tree bark from the Himalayas that might just be your ultimate beauty agent.


Application is easy. You just mix a pea of the bark with a little water to make a paste and apply all over the face. It dries up in a while and you will feel a mask feel. You just leave it over night. I have been reading that in Myanmar, they actually do their everyday stuff with this on their faces. Well, I guess with its natural sunscreen agent, then it can be an option. You just have to take care to apply just a thin layer, or people might just think that there is a geisha amongst them, or worse a mime character. ๐Ÿ˜€


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