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Music Heals

Because we our specie belongs to the ones that have to suffer pre-menstrual syndrome every single month, at least for a vast majority of women, we have to device a system to make it bearable.

I have had my share of popping one Midol after another and (insert here every other pain relieving pill), et. al. But because we have to alternate it with the better medicine, which is the natural ones, I did have to incorporate music, relaxing ones as it heals the pain away. They say music heals, I’m not sure if it is in the hal leonard bass method teachers book. But it sure helped me relax and made me feel a lot better. It can be psychological or we are really built to respond to music a certain way that our body naturally responds to it.

Is it too late to learn to play guitar?

That’s the question that has been at the top of my head for weeks now. The most I have played with a musical instrument was a keyboard and that was in the late 80’s. I have never attempted to give my best nor at the very least even comply with my once a week practice schedule. Even as a little girl, the rebellious streak will manifest like that.

Now that I’m a lot older and as they say, may not be able to learn the tricks of playing well, come a spark of interest. (more…)

Dilemma: What to give your guy

The dilemma of not knowing what to give your guy can be the most frustrating thing. There are but so many occasions that I have defaulted on him (read: zero gift) because of this very reason. But when I went to step back a bit, I saw that the essential thing to ask yourself is what is your guy’s passion? Mine is music.


Taking on a new hobby

After being a virtual assistant for a few years now, I have found myself going rusty in all the other things I used to do. While I so love my current work from home job and the perks of blogging about the things of my interest, it would also be great to take on a new hobby.


Happy New Year!

First off, happy new year to Kikay Corner’s dear readers! With everyone else sharing their long lists of New Years Resolutions, I sat back and thought for a while. It was then that I realized that I really am not much of a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. If at all, I resolve to press on doing the things that I already am doing. Knowing in my heart that we can all be works in progress if we want to be.   (more…)

No driving on Wednesdays

Today is the last day I’m driving on a Wednesday. That is until they come up with another traffic scheme that will get me driving whatever day of the week. Lady Rouge’s plate was finally released and the last number on her spells Wednesday as my no drive day.