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If you happen to shop for diamond rings, TraxNYC also has the finest collection there is. And if diamonds are for you, don’t forget to take note of The Four C’s. These are the variables that are used to calculate the value of a diamond. The Four C’s being: Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat weight.

Clarity stands for the purity of a diamond jewelry, which is basically determined by the number, size and nature of the internal inclusions and external imperfections. Color stands for the amount of color the diamond has. The range can go from colorless to yellow, with tints of various other colors like gray and brown. Some colors are considered more valuable like: blue, green pink and red. Basically because of its rarity. The Cut represents the finish and symmetry of the diamond and its overall polish. Two things to remember are fire and brilliance. The last of the four C’s is the Carat weight of the diamond. A carat is equal to 0.20 grams and each value per carat automatically marks up as the carat size increases. This means that a one carat diamond costs more than two half carat diamonds.
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