Burn Calories and Delay Aging

pingpong-kikaycorner-dot-netDo you know that an average 150lb. person playing table tennis burns as much as 272 calories? This is according to the calorimetric analysis. Now that’s something to think about and maybe consider investing on a ping pong table. Although this is not as much as what playing tennis does, it is still something.  You actually burn as much as 544 calories when you play tennis.  Not only do you get to burn calories, you also improve your hand and eye coordination. All of which have their anti aging qualities. When we burn calories and have our muscles work, we actually delay aging.

The Edge of Banner Stands Promotions

While it may be true that looks does not necessarily define the quality, the product presentation of anything that is sold in the market – from beauty and wellness products, food stuff, gadget or even service, is of extreme importance. A large percentage of people are visual. This fact will alone tell us how the first look and impression of a product or service coming from the way it was marketed will either get a second look or none at all. (more…)

Pretty Things for the Home

As a lover of beautiful things, my passion does not stop at kikay finds and beauty products. That same passion allows for me to go and find out about things that will make my surrounding even better.

Like for example, when we had our house built, I made sure that I went into the tiniest of details. We were lucky that we had the sweetest contractor a future homeowner can ever have. She readily indulged my every plan for each room in our home. (more…)

Topaz Horizon’s Fab Beauty Giveaway

Happy third birthday, Topaz Horizon! 😀 Frances, my ultra glam girlfriend behind this uber chic blog is giving away collections of Maybelline make up! Three very lucky girls are soon to claim their very own yummy sets of Maybelline lipstick, eye make up and the mineral make up collection (how I love MMUs!)


Quick! Head over to Topaz Horizon before the clock ticks away. This contest expires at 6PM today! Happy 3rd anniversary, Topaz Horizon! Stay pretty, keep blogging and inspiring, us, your avid readers.

Prom Dresses Network Sites

It is the busy season of middle schoolers once again. Major events in school come after another, but nothing like the promenade to get ready for. This forthcoming event is possibly the looked forward to by any teenager around the world. Expectedly, these young people flock into boutiques and department stores to canvass for perfect prom dresses. Aside from other preparations young people these days do, like check with their dermatologists to take care of zits and blemishes. Everything to get them ready for the big night.

With all these talks about promenade, I remember my own. I knew how it feels to know you are wearing the right prom dress. Although mine was a bummer! I knew all the painstaking details of preparations. For those who would like to look into prom dresses, there are a few sites in my list that you can check with. My guarantee is that you will surely find prom dresses that you prefer. The web pages to visit are: PromGirl.net, 4Prom.com, Morilee, com, PromDress.net, Best-Dresses.net and ThePromSite.com.
You will not just find a whole wide range of the best prom dresses there are available but handy prom advice, too. We should not forget how big of a deal this event is to those girls that we love. As much as we know how trivial this could be in the future, it will always be the day that they would want to stand out in. You know what’s neat about these sites? They carry wonderful dresses that will not just be good for a prom night, but you can actually use in future cocktail or even formal events. You will love how cocktail dresses have evolved from the traditional cuts and designs to the contemporary, express yourself gowns.
You will notice as your browse through the aforementioned sites that they carry various ranges of gowns, from simplest prom dresses to those that are designed from well known designers. There really is no reason for you to go elsewhere. I know that a girl can go for hours looking into that perfect one for her. It may take a while, which is why it is better for you to have a look-see the soonest. We all know that promenade night is getting closer by the day. Make sure to also take note of these web pages just in case you will need to get hold of great looking dresses for a whole lot of events.

Reverse Number Canada

If you happen to live in Canada, a site that you might want to bookmark is reverse number Canada. You will never know when you might want to do that reverse search. You will find this facility easy to use. Just type in the mobile, residence or office number and click search. It can also prove to be a way to protect your family from crank callers and those unwanted calls from telemarketers.

Random Thoughts of a Kikay about the Net

As the webmaster of this blog feels some kind of dry spell when it comes to opportunities online, this one person continues to seek better ways on how to be an efficient web administrator of these handful of sites. This Kikay Corner site has reached its 192nd post and still counting. Having been conceived and born in the first trimester of this year, I must say that it is a feat. A focused niche, that is really important. I was just thinking that in the non-virtual world, to keep your integrity means not having to compartmentalize your life. Meaning there is a different you for every aspect.

Here in the virtual world, a focused niche is far more beneficial for one webmaster than just to have all the ideas float around randomly. Although that can be done as well, but there are disadvantages. One of which is how the traffic that you attract will label your site in their mind as they stumble upon your domain. It is a great advantage if people will be able to tell specifically what your site talks about. For instance, this site talks about beauty, fashion and reviews related to these and also some things in between.

The internet indeed is a very dynamic entity on its own. From the basic email facility, it has now turned into a great source of everything you will ever need to know about. There goes the tons of books and encyclopedias people used to buy which are really sky high. A practical tool for everyone, whether adult or children. There are several limitations, though. It is also important to have your connection guarded, especially if you have children around. As I go through a number of treasure sites these days, I stumbled upon Heritage Web Solutions. I have been reading a very informative and interesting economic report that was recently featured that I hope to share with you.

“The Economic Report” show to feature Heritage Web Solutions

October 22, 2008, Deerfield Beach, FL – The producers of The Economic Report are pleased to announce that Heritage Web Solutions will be featured in an upcoming episode as part of the show’s Business and Technology series on The Power of the Internet Supporting the 21st Century Business Environment.

The internet has revolutionized the ways businesses market themselves. It is essential for businesses, both large and small, to have an effective web presence. A company’s website essentially serves as their electronic store front, communicating the company’s identity to website visitors.

Today, there are approximately 970 million internet users thus making internet marketing the most effective way to appeal to customers from around the world. Websites overcome the limitations between countries and continents thus making a company international. Having a website also means that a business is open and reachable at any time and allows for quick customer response time.

But, it isn’t as simple as just setting up a website. The only way for a company to be set apart from other online competition is unique website design. Businesses turn to internet technology companies for the development of a professional and search engine friendly, website.

Utah-based Heritage Web Solutions specializes in designing and hosting affordable websites for small and medium size businesses. In business since 2001, Heritage designs all websites to custom fit each company, giving each client a unique, original and authentic design. Customers of Heritage also have access to custom flash graphics, Ecommerce development and assistance, database creation and management, traffic driving resources and more.

“As a global community, we are evolving into a technology-based world,“ said Brad Stone, Managing Partner, Heritage Web Solutions. “Rarely we pay cash or write a check anymore. More of our purchases are made online, or at least we research online before making a purchasing decision. Our checking, savings and credit card accounts are maintained and paid for online. Our socializing has moved to FaceBook, YouTube and MySpace. Our communications are emailed, texted or Skyped. Breaking news can now be fed instantly via RSS feeds to our computers or cell phones instead of waiting for the six o’clock news. The Internet is very much a main part of human society today.”

For more information, please visit www.heritagewebdesign.com

Tennessee Cougars

Some people are just more adventurous than others. This is one reason some social networking communities have they own niche, like for instance, you would like to Meet Tennessee Cougars, the place you should look into is tennesseecougars.com. True from what I heard conversations are far more interesting when done with mature people. You might want to swing by the site and find out more.