Social Networks

The advent of social networks or what is better knows as online personals have allowed people all over the world to meet and make new friends in a sophisticated way. I just browsed through this Personals site – uspersonals.com and what’s impressive in this site is the categories, one can actually get into one and you get to join a particular group you want and not just jump into a sea of people with different interests that you might just not find very appealing. Check out the site and maybe browse through.

Reduce Eye Puffiness with Rose Petals

All you need for this all natural home beauty treatment are four large rose petals. Any color will do. Carefull wash the petals to take off chemicals and psticides from them. Cover the eyes with the petal and apply a cold compress on top of the petals. You can do this with crushed iced inside a hanky.

Search Area Codes

One site where you can Search Area Codes is SearchAreaCodes.org. Feel free to look into the site if you are looking for the code that you need all across the United States. I just browsed through the site and I found it very organized and very user friendly. No more second guessing zip codes.

Trace Phone Numbers

I really keep getting calls lately with random phone numbers that I do not recognize. Most of them are from telemarketers offering their latest promos. With all the things that I need to do during the day, these calls are not the most welcome, I tell you. TracePhoneNumbers.org is the site to check out if you want to Trace Phone Numbers and you happen to have the same problem as I do.

Search Records

Be in the know, now you do not need to be second guessing anybody’s information anymore. Now you can do your county inmate search at the convenience of your home. You are ensured that you will get a hold of the records that you need the quickest possible time at the cheapest rate. Check with prisoninmatelocator.org.

Area Codes

With hundreds or possibly thousands of USA Area Codes, no one is really expected to get all these memorized. But we all know its importance of getting the codes right when we are sending packages all over the country or overseas. A site to look into is USAareaCodes.org. Instead of getting the number all mixed up, have it right from the start.

Locate Area Codes

The site to look into if you are to Find Area Codes is AreaCodeLocator.org. With the thousands of places all across America, nobody expects you to memorize each and every one and get it right when you need it. I will be one daunting task. The site mentioned gives you the complete list of all U.S. based are codes which are separated by state for you convenience. Get that area code for the state when you need it.

The Peanut Butter Treatment for Dry Skin

Here is a concoction that treats dry skin effectively and naturally.  
Mix two tablespoons peanut butter with 1/2 teaspoon of light mineral baby oil.  Make a smooth creamy mask.  Apply all over the face, including the eye area.  Leave for ten minutes.
You can also use this treatment for dry hands.