Black Chat Room

Black is beautiful and a place where you can find a room full of handsome bunch is Black Chat Room. A place where you can communicate, share stories and the good news about this is membership is totally free for life. Make friends with people all around the world and sign up now.

Latina Chat

If you would like to make friends with the likes of J.Lo, Serena, and other famous Latina, check out Latina Chat where you can create your own profile, avatar and share interests and dislikes with your newly found friends. In fact, you may even be surprised to meet friends from across the globe in this chat room.

Some Stuff from My Craft Box

I love pretty things and here are some things that I crocheted myself for our home. I’m not sure if anyone out there dresses up their water dispenser to match things around their home. The kikay in me would just radiate throughout my home, but I don’t overdo, mind you. Just touches of this and that. 😉 My only regret is that I can’t get down to being crafty because of the number of hours I spend online.

check out my pretty dispenser
that matches my table runner

and my dining chairs. 🙂

Online Chat

If you happen to be Asian like me and you would love to meet other people of the same race, you might want to check out Free Asian Chat. A place where members from anywhere in the world join that chat rooms and enjoy themselves by meeting new friends, absolutely free.

Bag Organizers

It was three or so years ago when I got a hold of my first ever bag organizer. It was one of those great finds from multiply and for a little more than $3, I was guaranteed this not to ever need to fumble for my keys and phone. To get my key all in one pocket and never having to rummage for that something from an abyss.
The great plus that organizers do is I could easily change bags just by taking out the organizer and placing it in the other bag. Sweet! 😀

My Functional Bag

Every girl can make use of one functional bag, or two or three. This baby is made of faux imported quality leather with a lot of compartments! I love compartments in bags. It makes things easier to organize. I know a huge bag can do the job of keeping everything in, but an ultra functional bag such as this takes away the hassle of having to install a bag organizer most girls of today have. 😀

Biker Chat Place

Are you one of those people who are passionate over biking? Have you ever wished that there was this one place that you all could meet up with other bikers and just talk about things? Know that there is Biker Chat city that you can visit. Check it out, sign up for free.