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Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Control Kit Review

It did take a while before I finally got myself to drop my regular beauty regimen for Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Control Kit. When the beautiful people behind this product sent this to me last month, I actually thought it was a beauty regimen for men, because of the metallic packaging. And as you beautiful people know, I am not exactly a fan of regimens that consist of me having to do several steps.



Introducing: Clean & Clear Active Clear Acne Control Kit

Active Clear Acne Control Kit


100% of People Saw Clearer Skin in Just 1 Day

Manila, Philippines, 15 October 2009 – A CLEAN & CLEAR® research study of over two thousand Asian women aged 12 to 24 has found that acne is the number one skin concern facing young women today. The research, conducted in thirteen countries, showed that nearly 75 percent of women have experienced acne symptoms in some form or another. In the Philippines alone, a separate study shows that the incidence of acne among women is higher, at 87 percent. Both studies show that self-confidence is closely tied to appearance, and acne can negatively impact an individual’s social and academic status. When teenage girls and young women suffer from acne or the occasional breakout, they want a fast and effective solution – to treat the acne today and to stop it from coming back.