The launch of a! Life food supplements was held last Thursday, June 9 at the Tian-Di Heaven & Earth Urban Destination Spa in San Juan. The event was packed with celebrities endorsing the brand, namely: Congressman/Celebrity Lucy Torres, TV Personality/Pilates Enthusiast Shawn Yao, Athlete/Business Executive Lorraine Lapus, TV Personality/Anti-Cancer Advocate Lexi Schulze and Model/Image Consultant Patty Betita. We were basically summoned to not settle for just the good life – but live an a! Life!

And when it comes to utmost quality of life, I’m all for it – so I was all ears when a! Life endorsers came to talk about their advocacy. Bianca Valerio (who showed up in golden blonde tresses) was her bubbly, fun self that she usually is, as she hosted the launch.

Bianca Valerio hosted the launch

Lexi Shulze and Lucy Torres

Patty Betita, Lorraine Lapus and Shawn Yao

We all know that women nowadays are no longer expected to merely be domestic goddess of the home. There is no generation in the existence of humanity where women are more empowered than they are now. The world knows that we are capable of stepping above and excelling at whatever it is that we do. And this is what basically a! Life is all about – a call for us women to take care of ourselves by choosing to be healthy! (more…)