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@Nautreal : Buy 3 Kits, Get 1 Free for the Month of June Promo

Dark spot? Pimple marks? Dull/Uneven skintone? Melasma? Skin problem? SEE RESULTS IN JUST 7 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

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Now that’s something very forward and confident for a local beauty product to profess. The money back guarantee is always something I have long wished for our usual branded and commercial products to carry. But too bad we are left to just live with it in the event that the product does not deliver. This is why I took interest in testing Nautreal products for myself (and the hubby) back in 2012.

Nautreal products

Two years since and I remain to be a believer of Nautreal. Specifically their Nautreal Perfect White Kit: Whitening Papaya Soap, UV Protect Cream with SPF30, Whitening Facial Cleanser, and All Out Whitening  Cream (more…)

Beauty Find: @Nautreal Skin Care Products

It was in November last year when the hubby had his warts cauterized at Facial World in Timog. The scabs left some pronounced scars, which were all practically taken cared of by my hubby’s current favorite skin care product, Nautreal.

Before we got hold of Nautreal, the scars were holding up even after almost a couple of months since the cautery procedure.

Almost 2 months after the wart removal procedure, the scab marks were still all over the place.

Three weeks of using Nautreal Beauty Products and the scab marks have faded a great deal. Most of them, to some degree are  non-existent. The two marks that remain on the hubby’s left cheek are his moles. The ones that used to surround them on the former picture, which were scars from the scabs are practically all gone! And he sure is a whole tad fairer. Now, you know why he’s glowing and all, the next time you see him.  Here’s the bonus, the screaming pores that used to sit around his nose, which have been there since time immemorial are all gone! G-O-N-E!   Just recently, I showed him his “before” and “after” photos, he was so thrilled that he told me to make sure we don’t run out of their products!



I first encountered the Nautreal Beauty Products during the Noel Bazaar at the World Trade Center. It was our girls night out. Bff Beth threw us a Wensha Spa treat. My friends and I figured while we’re there, we might as well check out the bazaar right smack our favorite spa place. Amidst all the various stuff on sale, real and knock off brands, cigar specials and even food stuff, I was taken aback when I saw this sign on Nautreal’s corner that says, “See Results in 1 Week or Your Money Back.” Now, that’s something we don’t see around everyday. That is one brave statement. You just don’t say things like that when you are not sure that you can’t deliver. You just don’t. So I just had to stop and have a look-see. (more…)