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Tips on Choosing Your Beauty Salon

beauty-salons-kikaycorner-dot-netVisits to the beauty salon are something we do on a regular basis. This is the one place that women look forward to aside from maybe getting a massage from a spa place. It is the one place where we could finally relax, let go of all the stress we have to put up with in our workplace and everywhere else. While it is true that life is full of stressors, there will always be ways to recharge and relax.


Sleep Better and Stay Pretty

sleep-better-kikaycornerOne of Kikay Corner’s more recent articles was about how beauty sleep encourages glowing skin. But the thing of the matter is, a great majority has some kind of sleep disorder crisis. It was discovered that some sleeping disorders stem from bad sleeping position that we have gotten used to over the years. For those who would rather live with sleeping disorders, allow me to enumerate a few of the downside of lack of sleep:

When you do not get enough sleep, the tendency for you to develop eye bags multiply by the day. The collection of fat around the eyes get worse by the year. Wrinkles will venture in as well. Apparently, frowning is not the only reason why you will get wrinkles earlier than you should. Lack of sleep will speed that up for you, as well. (more…)