If there is one place I frequent to get my beauty products replenished, it is Watsons. Of course, I still go to Rustan’s Essences sometimes. But since Watsons is practically everywhere, it has long been my default go to place not just for my beauty needs but also when I need to buy some medicines.

When I got an invite from Watsons last week for an event, I came expecting that yet another interesting brand will be launched. Like similar to the Beyond Bath launched in Manila Hotel last year. Let us just say, I got more than I bargained for. I came in with the above image on the slide. While I already am partial towards Watsons, even when it comes to health products, it is great to know that there actually is a worthwhile advocacy they are pursuing.

Dr. Ancheta explained to the media present how superbug comes to existence and how it can be prevented through visuals.