Celeteque Giveaway

One Kikay Corner reader will win these Celeteque Dermoscience Beauty Products by month end!  (Soothing Lip Balm, Eye Brightening and Cleansing Oil)

The first giveaway (pun not intended) to my being under the weather will always be my lips. My skin, I can always hide under proper moisturization but it can get really tricky when it comes to my lips. Apparently, the tinted organic ones I bought from Healthy Options can’t really take care of all the chapping when it gets really bad. Good thing there’s Celeteque Dermoscience Soothing Lip Balm and it has since been doing the job since I tried it. The SPF protection is a great plus since not all my lipsticks have some kind of sun protection in it. 🙂

celeteque soothing lip balm

Celeteque DermoScienceâ„¢ Sun Care Soothing Lip Balm with SPF15 has a double sunscreen protection against UVA/UVB rays for the lips. Also has Mulberry Extract that lightens darkened lips and Moisturizing Oils that reduce dryness.

celeteque brightening eye

(1) Celeteque Dermoscience Brightening Eye Tuck Plus Dark Circles Lightener, (2) cream applied on my arm just to show its texture, (3) disappears on first wipe.

Definitely lightweight and most importantly, it does not sting my eyes like the pricier luxe eye creams I’ve tried in the past. 

I have been using Celeteque Dermoscience Brightening Eye Tuck Plus Dark Circles Lightener since it came out at The Sample Room in December last year. Here’s the screencap of the  quick review I posted via The Sample Room. 🙂