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My Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment Experience at Henri Calayag

It was more than a month ago when I decided to have my hair undergo Keratin Smoothing Treatment or what is more commonly called nowadays as Brazilian or Express Blow Out or Permanent Blow Dry at Henri Calayag Salon.

Before the treatment

As what I would usually do with my previous reviews, I had to sit this Keratin Smoothing Treatment out for a month at least just so I know I will be providing an accurate review. This was a birthday treat for my brittle and unmanageable hair.

My visit to Henri Calayag prior to this, I was told several times over by Richard (Junior Creative Director-above photo) how dead my hair was and there is no way on earth it can survive another rebonding treatment and not fall off on me. Digital Perming is also out of the question. No more harmful chemicals from there on out. All I really needed was sort of revive my hair back to “normal” and I was willing to try anything.  I have had badly damaged hair for as long as I can remember and brushing has been a chore if not for the anti-frizz serums that I used.

The Permanent Blow Dry/Brazilian Blow Out/Express Blow Out procedure was way simpler than that of rebonding.

1. My hair was shampooed with Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Clarifying Shampoo twice.

2. Hair was blown dry 100%.

3. Coppola Hair Treatment Solution was applied all over my hair. (more…)

Zero Frizz 100% Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner by Schwarzkopf Giveaway

As promised, I’m giving away a Shampoo & Conditioner set of my favorite Zero Frizz 100% Rescue by Schwarzkopf to one of my readers. I started using this brand March of this year and really had no plans of switching to another brand (which explains the hoarding) when my favorite hairdresser, Richard of Henri Calayag Salon forbade me to use anything on my hair that has sulfate since I had my Keratin Treatment (Permanent Blow Dry) done late last month.  I still have yet to blog about that, I know. I usually wait out a month or so before I blog about any treatment just to be sure I’m providing my readers a more accurate review.

I always bring this Zero Frizz 100% Rescue tandem with me wherever I go. My hair just go berserk on hotel shampoo & conditioner. These Zero Frizz products are just the best shampoo and conditioner I have used ever! And no, that’s not something I picked out from a commercial. I am a very practical woman, so when my SIL called to tell us that Rustan’s is having an employee sale, we really took advantage. 🙂

Since March this year, I still have quite a few bottles in my toiletries closet.  Maybe I am hoping that before they expire (2013), I can still switch right back somehow. I am not exactly loving the scent of My sulfate-free Coppola tandem I replaced my Zero Frizz with.  But since I am just not about to throw away the benefits of having better hair with the Keratin Treatment done on me by using sulfate-laden hair stuff, I just might raffle off the rest in my next giveaways. I know, I have to make up my mind. 😉

Without further ado, here are what my lucky reader will receive next week – Zero Frizz 100% Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner by Schwarzkopf. Both are at least P600 worth. Here’s my review of these products – My Hair’s New Love: Zero Frizz 100% Rescue. To keep things simple, mechanics will be just like my previous giveaway. 🙂

Contest Mechanics: