Because I finally gave up on Blackberry and will soon have my postpaid BB plan with Sun Cellular terminated (finally done with my lock-in period. Yay!), I shopped around for the perfect phone for my need. I have been deliberating on getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 because of my need to have a wider screen for the eBooks on queue that are currently in my iBooks library. Between the Blackberry and the iPhone, it is the former that I was willing to give up. But again, because getting a Galaxy Note 2 would also mean that I would still have to lug with an extra phone for my other sim. If the Note 2 came with dual sim feature, then it was the perfect gadget for the multi-sim trotting me. That is, until MyPhone A878 happened. This dual-core Android phone is something else. You will read about my quick review of A878, unboxing, photos and camera shots over the hubby’s gadget blog where I blogged about –> MyPhone A878 Quick Review | Unboxing | Specs | Features 🙂

So long, Blackberry! (wiping my data clean)

My love affair with Blackberry started last year with the Blackberry Torch. Until I had issues with its handling and how it will always slip off my digits, so I switched to Bold 9900. Then, I got tired of 9900’s ultra fast draining battery life — switched to Curve 9300. Some weeks ago, I decided I have had it. The novelty of BBM for me has worn off and I don’t do BBMs for the longest time anyway. Yes, making my postpaid BB plan a total waste. That’s what you get when you go with the bandwagon. Lesson learned.

The ultra sleek MyPhone A878 that got mistaken for the pricier Android phone a handful of times.

My iPhone4 is not exactly the most flexible when it comes to switching sims (among other things), the pick should be one that does not require a micro-sim, preferably dual-sim too.

You will be surprised that the people who mistook it for an S3, a couple of them actually are from the tiangge where mobiles phones abound. You’d expect that people there are more acquainted with the latest of phones. Anyhoo, I got hold of my pretty new toy a.k.a. MyPhone 878 last Monday and without my knowing that two short days after, I will be able to not just have first dibs but actually upgrade to the soon to be launched MyPhone A898.

Me donned in my favorite Freeway Manansala, Fino handbag and my spanking MyPhone A898 (units are set to be launched next week). The above photo was taken by my good friend, Iris of using MyPhone A878 which she uploaded on Instagram and Twitter. Follow us on Twitter: jenaspacio, pinayads, MyPhoneOfficial, FreewayOnline 🙂

MyPhone earned my respect since I bought the A618 TV Duo last August, I knew I just had to check out their other Android phones out while I was contemplating on what mobile to replace my then just disposed Blackberry. Speaking of the A618 TV phone, it’s the one phone the hubby can’t live without when Azkals has a game and we’re in transit. Saved me from having to check on Dian Castillejo’s twitter updates on my mobile and read it to him while he drives. Haha! That’s how we roll when we’re out and the Azkals are having a soccer match.  🙂