With March ushering the Summer season in, I got to thinking if I am ready for it. Our flying to the beach on the last stretch of the summer months will hopefully turn out to be a good thing. Why, you ask? Because I still have time to get ready. Yay! 🙂

Here is where my problem lies. I have attempted three work out exercises since last November. With Insanity Workout, I could hardly walk for a week straight just doing the first 15 minutes of the “Fit Test” and the warm up and stretching of “Pure Cardio.” Hip Hop Abs, I had to drop when we started the construction of our house’s second floor. Aside from my being way too swamped with things to do, I was not the most comfortable doing those Hip Hop Ab moves at my folks’s place.


The Kettlebell, I still get to do every so often. I find it easier and more doable with my current living arrangements. Limited space in our cramped room filled with both our bed and my kiddo’s bunk bed, two dressers and other personal effects. Can you just imagine the disarray state of our current living quarters! Oh well, we’re counting a few more weeks and we will finally settle in our own above.

While I know these exercises are important, a beach-ready body will only be realizable if partnered with a diet that actually works. Crash diet is definitely not for me. Fad diets never really got me interested.