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Sexy Solutions to Ideal Weight

It was via Instagram when I first learned of Raymond Gutierrez’s (yes, I follow him on IG) radical weight loss. I later learned that Sexy Solutions is the reason behind it. I actually had to stare for a bit, making sure it was not Richard Gutierrez‘s photo I was looking at. It was just too good to be true.

A fuzzy shot from a beauty event I attended held in White Space, Makati in 2009. I saw for myself how big Mond Gutierrez was and it is just encouraging to know that we can now radically reduce to our ideal weight without invasive procedures.

When Cristalle Belo explained how the Sexy Solutions procedure works, it sounded a lot like the Shape a& Sculpt Treatment I had done at Flawless last year. (more…)

My Flawless Meso-Lipo + Shape & Sculpt Treatment Experience

As soon as I got back home from Flawless last Monday, I tweeted away: “this is prolly the most invasive that I will ever get–meso lipo for my macho arms. Ang sakit!” The week prior I got a heads up from the hubby that I can avail of Flawless’ Meso-Lipo promo. I made sure I did and purchased a couple at P4,500 a pop. I was looking into having my arms and tummy done. The promo came with a free Shape & Sculpt 3 in 1 advanced technology procedure, which I love! The one I got from Asian Tropics was definitely blah compared to this.

taken right after the procedure


Flawless’ Smooth N’ Sexy Barkada Summer Promo

I cannot help but tweet and rave about how I loved Flawless’ Shapes & Sculpt Body Shaping and Sculpting Program. I tried out their current Starter Treatment promo at 60% off. Instead of paying P4,500 for the shaping and the toning of my thighs, I got to have a taste of it (which I loved to bits) – look ma, no more ripples! – at only P1,800!

Meanwhile, Flawless has an ongoing Smooth N’ Sexy Barkada Summer Promo. This is running until tomorrow. Here’s all you have to do:


Flawless Power of 999 Week 8: Mesolipo

Flawless is towards the last couple of weeks to the 9 week countdown to National Flawless Day.  Week 8’s offering is ideal for patients who want instant slimming, or are interested with liposuction but does not want the operation. Avail first dose of Mesolipo at a regular price of P4,500 and pay only P999 for the second dose (applies to any area). That is exactly P3,501 worth of savings. Promo period is from Nov 26 to Dec. 2, 2010.


Flawless Power of 999 Week 7: Wart Removal

From November 19 to 25, 2010, you will get a P999 discount on the face and neck wart removal package over at Flawless.

What are Warts anyway? And why do they come as we age?
Warts are small, rough growths in the skin caused by a viral infection, specifically by human papillomavirus (HPV). There are varieties of warts classified according to their shape and site affected. These can be contagious, but transmission from person to person is rare.

While there may be over the counter wart removal kits, there are some deep seated warts that needs to be checked and removed by a doctor. Flawless does their wart removal via electrocautery.

Benefits of Flawless Wart Removal

  1. It clears the affected area of the skin.
  2. It provides fast and precise removal of diseased tissue.
  3. It reduces the risk of infection.
  4. It has rapid recovery process.


Benefits of Youth Boosters

In connection with  Week 6 of National Flawless Day, Power of 999, here are a few more reasons why you might want to avail of the current promo on Youth Booster.

Youth Boosters or Placenta, are rich in amino acids, rejuvenates aging skin by repairing aged skin, collagen and nerve tissues, resulting in improved epidermal elasticity and thickness. It also reduces wrinkles and eye bags, brightens dull skin tones, refines facial pores, blotches, melasma, pigmentation, eczema, dermatitis, keloids, scars and other concerns. Increasing placenta in the body prevents and regulates the aging and wear of the brain, the heart, the liver, the kidneys and the digestive system.


Flawless Power of P999 Week 6: Youth Booster

Week 6 of Flawless Power of P999 is Youth Booster. This is running from November 12 to 18, 2010. Price will be slashed of from P2,500 to P999.

What are the Benefits of Placenta anyway?

  • According to the researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Placenta is a rich source of Blood Stem Cells which are known to promote skin regeneration and repair.
  • The hyaluronic acid from the placenta helps with skin problems, like scarring and wrinkles.
  • The protein hydrolysate from the placenta helps fight wrinkles
  • Placenta extracts stimulate skin growth, rejuvenates aging skin, and helps treat acne and viral skin infections, due to its anti-viral and antiseptic qualities.


Flawless Power of P999 Week 5: Flawless Facial Treatments

Normally, facial treatments from flawless will range from P490-P560 per session. But Flawless regulars can avail of Flawless Power of P999 running from November 1 to 5, 2010 – you are getting three facial treatments for the price of P999. Now that’s another value for your money.

The types of regular facials you can choose from are:

  1. Acne Control
  2. Oil Control
  3. Age-defy
  4. Whitening
  5. Real Gentleman


Four Mesoestatic Peels to Choose From

Avail of Flawless’ Power of 999, they are now on Week 3, offering their Mesoestatic Peel for P999, from October 22-28, 2010 only. This is in celebration on the 9 week countdown to December 8, 2010, which is the 9th anniversary of Flawless.

There are 4 Mesoestatic Peels to choose from:

1. Glycolic Peel – treatment of lines, wrinkles and photoaged skin.
2. Lactic Peel – ideal for sensitive skin, treatment of wrinkles and photo-aging.
3. Mandelic Peel- lightens skin with hyperpigmentation.
4. Salcylic Peel – treatment for acne-prone and oily skin.