It was late last year when I first heard about Fucoidan food supplement. A very interesting product that was introduced to me from a television show Up Close and Personal with Marissa del Mar over at IBC13. Although curious, I did not get to learn more about it until last Thursday, May 7, 2009. I was invited by Yehey! to visit Fucoidan Wellness Center located at AFPOVAI Village in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig for the Fucoidan Bloggers Event.


The Fucoidan food supplement contains all natural ingredients that is based on brown sea vegetables such as Mozuku (Nemacystis decipens) and Mekabu. Fucoidan is BFAD approved and is cited over 700 studies found in PubMed database. It details proofs that Fucoidan actually can inhibit cancer cells from growing and reduce cancer risk. In the 10 years that scientists have done their research, Fucoidan has been proven to offer these benefits: stronger immune system by neutralizing harmful toxins, cleanses the blood, lessens tissue buildup around key joints and bones, detoxifies the body, fights diabetes by lowering cholesterol and sugar level, fights diabetes by lowering cholesterol and sugar levels, fights cancer cells, helps make skin softer and younger looking, protects the liver. If you come to think of it, it really is the ultimate wellness capsule that has been produced to date.


I was up for a treat that day, nothing short of a slimming treatment that would have otherwise cost a few thousands a pop. My therapist did a low frequency treatment on my tummy area. Maricor (my therapist) started low (17) and gradually increased the frequency up to 30. (not sure what the unit of measurement is called) Being someone who has her funny bone located just right smack at where the pads were placed, I was practically giggling throughout the treatment. What could be more fun than losing an inch and a half off my waist while at it, right? It’s literally giggling off those excess inches in 20mins. Each session of this treatment is equal to doing 250 sit ups.  The treatment costs P5,000 (approx.$111).  But you will get a hefty discount when you avail of a treatment package instead. (more…)