Just when I thought I have heard of every possible whitening agent in the Metro, along comes Glupa. When I first heard of Glupa, I had to check what was with the name. The brand name was coined from Glutathione and Papayathe beauty product line’s main ingredients. I cannot help but be curious what its edge is amongst the more popular whitening agent brands that have already made names for the themselves. Aside from the very interesting choice of its elegant black packaging, which is not exactly the default for most Whitening products (I am inclined to be partial towards brands that go towards the unconventional), it almost always says a lot about how their product is thought of. More often than not, products that defy the usual deliver to its claims. As far as I have observed. I will see about Glupa’s claims, in the next 7 days. Yes, I have personally taken that challenge. 🙂

Apparently, on top of the two best whitening agents, Glupa soap has additional Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Tiny White Complex, Grape Seed Extract and Sunscreen to give you younger-looking and fairer and softer skin. Just the exact ingredients I would want for my own facial and bath soap. I have tried a bunch of soaps and I am actually loving the Glupa soap’s Cucumber Melon scent.

Glupa CapsuleA blend of Reduced Glutathione 500mg, Alpha Lipoic Acid 75mg, Vit. C 112mg, Papaya 25mg 

I don’t know about you, but I am personally intrigued by Glupa Capsule‘s challenge of  “no need for the dangerous IV injectible.”  It was two years ago when I blogged about the Benefits of Glutathione. Its anti-aging, detoxification benefits are complemented by the Papain in  Papaya‘s ability to break down the large Glutathione molecules into its most absorbable form such that the body will be able to maximize the benefits of these agents that are tagged as two of the most powerful anti-oxidant agents.