When I got hold of the invite from Splash (maker of Kolours Luster) some weeks back, I knew I just got to hold off my plan of hitting the salon. My roots were already shouting out loud to get tamed. My two toned head just had to get taken cared of and my brittle ends need to get chopped off as well.

Photo Before the Makeover: on my way to Shangri-la Hotel Mandaluyong.  Through and through lifeless hair

I was hopeful that I will love the hair makeover I was getting from Splash – first dibs on their new Demi-Permanent Hair Dye, Luster.  And we’re having the makeover done in Head Zone, Shangri-la Hotel by one of their Senior Stylists, no less. How’s that for a motivation for me to hold off my trip to the salon, eh?  Thankfully, my EQ worked just fine and I couldn’t be more glad. 🙂

Earthlingorgeous.com and moi at Heat, Shangri-la Hotel

I have personally used Kolours since I was in college and I’m pretty happy with every hair dyeing result. I tried the pricier (imported) brands. But being the prudent, budget limited college girl that I was back then, I really would rather spend my money on something that works just fine for a fraction of the cost that I would otherwise pay for if I get the more popular brand.

James, one of Head Zone’s Senior stylist, working his magic on my mane. My ever prominent forehead (which can easily give Tyra Banks a run for her money) can make for a real challenge for any hairdresser.

As opposed to what most people think, a lackluster hair is not an irreversible malady for women. Innovations on beauty and hair care of this generation has allowed for women’s mane to shine in the safest possible way.  Nowadays, it does not take people who are qualified to look into medical job listings to figure that out. Splash made sure that they provide what most women of today would rather use – hair friendlier, safe to use, no ammonia hair dye. Now I’m not sure about the recent raves on INOA (Innovation-No Ammonia) that I have heard of lately. But the question that boggles me is if it is so safe, why can’t people have their hair dyed right at their own home? Well, just something from the top of my head. It just makes perfect sense, right? Closer to natural, without the not so good ingredients = safer. Without the ammonia and with the “safer” claim, then all the more it should be made available for patrons to use the product themselves right at their own home.

A week in and I can’t complain. I think my hair is liking Kolours Luster by Splash.  I love that this hair dye is so safe that you no longer have to wait 3 to 6 months before you can have your hair colored again. Goodbye to harsh chemicals that usually go with most hair dyes. Kolours Luster is available in Pamper Me Brown (Dark Brown), Adore Me Chestnut (Chestnut Brown) and Delight Me Mahogany (Mahogany). These are now available in SM Department Stores, Watsons and some Mercury Drug outlets for P385.00.  Thanks to Splash and Head Zone Salon for my better looking locks. 🙂