My forever favorite is Opal’s 1 minute treatment conditioner primarily because it performs as good as its Kerastase counterpart. I am partial towards Opal.  I love Kerastase as well but it is just too much on the pocket.  I would rather spend my extras on gadgets when I know there’s a brand that’s really good without hurting my pocket book as much. Because I needed to find out for myself what works best, especially so that my favorite Opal conditioner is not anymore available in the same store I usually buy my supply from, I needed to get my damaged hair the fix that it badly needs.  I checked out our local HBC and just browsed through its aisles of hair conditioner and here’s the first that I found.

hortaleza hair spa

Hortaleza Hair Spa, P99 (approx. $2.00)

After getting my hair rebonded the second time after 10 years, I was told by the attendant that it is ideal for rebonded hair.  I used it twice or thrice but I was not so satisfied.  It has a menthol feel on the head and my hair was conditioned enough right after, but it just did not impress me so much.  It did not last the second wash.  I think this should be a benchmark for a good hair conditioner.  It comes for cheap, less than a hundred bucks.  I think it’s a good thrice a week treatment but I don’t think I would buy another jar in the future.