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Jewelmer Joaillerie Marks the Year of the Wooden Horse

The purveyor of fine pearl jewelry rings in the Lunar New Year with a newly redesigned collection with the sparkling Bollicine collection by Jewelmer Joaillerie.


Featuring lustrous South Sea pearls framed with scintillating diamonds, Bollicine is a hallmark collection in the brand’s 30-years of high jewelry and craftsmanship. The symbol of infinity is evoked in gleaming circles of 18-Karat gold, cascading down to dance in anticipation of an auspicious Lunar New Year.


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My faves from Jewelmer’s Tutti-Frutti Collection

If there is anything that is sure to be in my jewelry box, it will be a set with multi-colored stones. It was that one set (ruby, saphhire, emerald) that the robber left in my dresser when our house was ransacked more than a decade ago. I guess it’s because colored stones are pawned at a cheaper rate (?). This also got us to be more careful. No more jewels in our dressers. We can’t even trust to leave it in our home’s supposedly trustworthy safe.  Aside from my everyday ones, all jewels are now in our bank’s safety deposit box. No risking, this time. 🙂

Dangling earrings from Jewelmer‘s Tutti Frutti Collection featuring two (2) golden South Sea pearls set
with rose quartz, peridot, amethyst  and 18-Karat white gold

When I saw Jewelmer’s Tutti-Frutti – A Cascade of Color line, I cannot help but admire the collection. The pieces are beautifully crafted with brilliance always known for Jewelmer pieces. The whimsical tone that this line has makes this collection a stand out. I love it! (more…)

Passion Flows | Jewelmer Unveils the Most Luxurious Magazine in the Philippines

Last Wednesday, November 10, 2010, Jewelmer unveiled the most luxurious magazine in the Philippines via the one-of-a-kind version of 8th issue of Flow Magazine, that Jewelmer itself curated. This lovely hardbound edition sits on a handcrafted kamagong box inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl alongside a bedazzling golden South Sea pearl strand necklace and an engraved Mother-of-Pearl bookmark.


Pearl Talk 101 at the Jewelmer Showroom

Although I knew the music “pearly shells” since I was a toddler (was probably even coaxed to dance along to it more than a couple of times), it wasn’t until Jewelmer got us to sit down on a Pearl Talk 101 event last June 25, 2010 at the Jewelmer Showroom in Eastwood mall that I truly appreciated and was totally impressed by this lone precious stone that is produced inside a living organism- the mollusk.

Basics things to know about pearls:
• Pearls are organic gems – which means they come from a living organism.
• Pears are composed of nacre. This is a natural substance produced by mollusks that also coat the inside of the animals shell.
• Mother of pearl
• Nacre is made up mostly of calcium carbonate crystallized in the form of the mineral aragonite.


Jewelmer’s 2010 Printemps Collections Launch at the Marquee Mall

I have always loved jewelry and I could not be more thrilled to be invited to witness the launch of Jewelmer’s 2010 Printemps Collections that incidentally coincided with the launch of their brand new showroom in Marquee Mall branch in Angeles City, Pampanga.

Four lovely ladies modeled those intricately woven pearls (photo by Laszlo Lim)

Jewelmer’s 2010 Prinemps Collections


Necklace with 11 natural colored golden Palawan South Sea pearls set with .084 carat diamonds and 18-karat yellow gold