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Holiday Glam with Maybelline and L’Oreal

As parties comes in left and right this holiday season, it is just right to ramp it up, while you are already at it, looking fab and pretty. Last Saturday, Watsons treated us and some chosen BDO Prestige Cardholders to a grand Holiday Glam Makeover by Maybelline and L’Oreal.

The makeover workshop was jumpstarted by Maybelline New York’s Senior Makeup Artist, Harold Santos. He worked on the model and taught us some basics on the 60’s look. Particularly the winged eye look.


L’Oréal’s FWIS Expands Reach to Filipina Scientists

National Fellowships now in the Philippines to assist deserving women scientists

Globally, more than half of the university degree-holders are women but only 30% of them are in the sciences and technology. In research, women represent only 25% of the population. In the 109 years of existence of the Nobel Prizes in science, only 2.9% of the Nobel Laureates are women. The data is not only surprising but also very discouraging to some, especially to the younger generation of women who dream of a career in science.