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Pretty Raks Glam Bangles and Earrings

Raks Glam bangles

I know I have mentioned some months back about my love affair with Raks Glam accessories. May I just give you a few more trinket reasons why I so love the brand? Take these pretty bangles, for instance.

raks glam bangles worn

Lovely bangles that call for an arm party! Wearing a single bangle or two (or more) with the simplest looking clothing piece can easily translate to a fab look.

Raks Glam chandelier earrings

Raks Glam Chandelier Earrings

These chandelier earrings I’m totally loving! My favorite of them all! I love the details and the color contrast. ๐Ÿ˜€


My first ever LOTD!

My dear friend, Frances of TopazHorizon.com mentioned in one of our chats that publishing LOTDย (Look of the Day)ย and OOTDย (Outfit of the Day) entries can actually be good for our blog’s traffic. I easily dismissed that as not for me — ย I really would rather post product shots of stuff I use more than posting photos of myself. I am way too shy! But I later thought again, and said to myself, why on earth not! I glam up when I get the chance, why not post them away? It’s my blog anyway! If haters would come mock, it should not really be that big a deal. They can easily jump off to the next eye-friendlier site. ๐Ÿ˜›

Kikay Corner

Because we are always in a hurry before we leave, I was not able to have my photo taken before the fact. So these photos were actually taken when I got back home. Faded makeup and barely there lipstick? Go figure. ๐Ÿ™‚