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Another Nivea Giveaway

Here is another Nivea Giveaway from Kikay Corner. I have been far too busy which just about explains the delay of this blog’s raffle giveaways. But whenever I see this boxful of products in front of my dresser, I know that I have got to do this one time or another before they pile up into a massive mess. For one, I can make use of the room for the Christmas gifts I need wrapped.

The box full of Nivea products above is still intact as of writing. Three (3) of Kikay Corner’s readers will be receiving one of each Nivea product from this box. As for the rest, I’m keeping them for my personal supply. I love Nivea Express Hydration lotion so much that I think I’ll stick with it until something better comes along. 🙂

Here’s what three of our blog readers will receive:  Nivea Pure & Natural Deodorant, Nivea Pure & Natural Wipes and Nivea Express Hydration Lotion

Contest Mechanics:


Nivea Visage Sparkling White Acne Oil Control

Nivea Visage introduces Sparkling White Acne Oil Control Foam. It is the 1st Whitening + Acne + Oil Control in one product that has 5 actions for 0 impurities! This skin care product designed for those who have oily skin and want more benefits in their whitening products.

Here are the 5 main actions that we should expect from Nivea Visage Sparkling White Acne Oil Control Foam as it focuses on different impurities (oil, acne marks, dark spots, enlarged pores and dirt):
1. Cleans deeper into pores to remove dirt & 90% of oil
2. Acne Reduction Technology helps prevent acne
3. Skin Nutrient Formula helps lighten dark spots & blemishes
4. Minimizes appearance of pores
5. Smoothens skin without dry feeling (more…)