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Kikay Corner got Unshackled!

I have always had this knack for anything artsy ever since I can remember. From learning to do bobs and layered hair styles in high school (yes, even before it was yet the “in” thing) to creating beads and swarovski sets that have traveled the world over. I have always been a do it yourself, crafty kind of person. There’s always this sense of fulfillment when you get the desired output. And I take pride showcasing my masterpieces. Here are a few I have saved from yester years.

I may have changed careers now. Nope. I don’t anymore trim my own hair. I don’t have the luxury of time experimenting on my crown like I used to. Nor do I weave pretty beads and swarovski pieces anymore. But it does not mean I have lost my love for beautiful things.


Fashion Designers Alliance (FADAL Manila)


Happy Andrada creations from the celebrated Perya Event

Beauty and Fashion Bloggers were invited over at the Fashion Art a.k.a. F*ART headquarters  in Kamuning, Quezon City. We were delighted to be accommodated with the lovely sisters slash business partners Viva and Happy Andrada. We were later introduced to Fashion Designers Alliance Manila (FADAL Manila). This is a brand new association of fashion designers.


FADAL Manila is composed of these beautiful people:

President – Happy Andrada
Vice-President – Dax Bayani
Secretary – Jona Ballaran
Fiscal Developmental Directress – Jaz Cerezo
PRO – Yako Reyes
Media Liaison – Nat Manilag
Logistics and Marketing – Clint Catalan
Creator in Chief – Levenson Rodriguez

While it is true that amongst artists, it is almost always expected for them to have the spirit of being competitive, they still believe that it is possible to pursue the value of encouraging each other, acknowledging the craft of every artist. I love the way Levenson has articulated this with conviction. We all know we have seen enough crab mentality going around for so long, that such is no longer welcome to lurk around any corner. With such a sweet spirited young lady president that they have, Happy Andrada, it is not impossible for such guild to hold strong to this value. Kikay Corner totally supports FADAL Manila.


the author with FADAL Manila President, Happy Andrada