Freeway launched its most recent NACS featuring National Artist for Music, Levi Celerio.  Freeway’s continual collaboration with our country’s National Artist since 2009 has paved the way for Fashion and Art to come together as it serves as an avenue for the younger generation to be reintroduced to a taste of the Philippine’s Arts and Culture.

What first drew me to Freeway’s NACS Featuring Levi Celerio is its hypnotic cosmic theme.  Its elegance and its flexibility can come in handy for today’s woman. Hip, classy, sophisticated and even corporate.

The launch was hosted by Giselle Tongi herself. Who, I believe, was one of the pioneer endorsers of the Freeway before she left to settle for the states a few years back. She looked as gorgeous as ever, if I might add.  The launch began with introduction of who Levi Celerio is. Even at my age, I was surprised to learn that our country’s “Christmas caroling anthem,” “Ang Pasko ay Sumapit,” was composed by him. Even the classic lullabye, “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan,”  composed by his genius. That is the one lullabye that can bring me to tears in a heartbeat.  Before I get ahead of myself. Here’s an excerpt about our most heralded National Artist for Music, Levi Celerio. (more…)