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Nivea & Mango’s Glam Express Event + Express Hydration Raves

When I received this Express Hydration package from Nivea last May, I honestly thought it was just another beauty product. It was timely that the lotion that I was currently using has already run out. I was actually pretty impressed how it actually delivers to its promise. So when I received a press invite for the Nivea & Mango Glam Express event, I knew I just had to go.  There are only two kinds of events I go  to nowadays — brands that I actually like and use and brands that I think might add value to my blogs.

Nivea Hydration Express Product Description:

The new ultra-light body lotion with sea minerals contains the innovative Hydra IQ active ingredient that has been developed specifically for the needs of normal to dry skin. It keeps the skin soft and supple, envelops it in the subtle scent of blue lotus and leaves a refreshed feeling.

The one-of-a-kind formula with Hydra IQ makes body care a long-lasting intense experience. It provides a non-stop supply of moisture to the skin – longer than ever before. This is based on the worldwide exclusive Nobel Prize technology, which promotes optimum moisture supply and distribution from within – for over 24 hours. NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion is not only effective for an extra-long time, but is also absorbed by the skin extraordinarily quickly and thus helps repair the eight signs of dry skin: dry, redness, rough, tight, flaky, dull, itchy and peeling.

NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion has been developed with dermatologists and skin compatibility is clinically and dermatologically proven.

The collaboration of Nivea and Mango for this event can’t be more thought of. Because the ideal canvas, really, to a good get up is smooth skin. Mango, is the perfect avenue for Nivea Express Hydration to be introduced to some members of online and print media. Those who arrived early were asked to form a group of three, mix and match Mango’s latest collection in the fastest possible time. Two of the three were to be the ones picking the clothing pieces and the other one will be the model. The group who finished the fastest won and went home with fab goodies from Nivea and Mango.   (more…)

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