I have always been fair skinned for as long as I can remember. It was not until I hit 3-0 that I actually had to face the reality of having to take care of skin imperfections. Most of which were particularly brought about by abusing my skin, basking on the sun without protection, et. al. Good genes can be an edge, sure. But take it all for granted and the sun will show you no mercy. I currently am sporting tiny sun spots and some nasty milia here and there and occasional pimples.

Although my sun spots are not yet conspicuous, I know sooner or later they are bound to beam the world “hello,” and I’m hoping to have that intercepted of sorts. And the very informative talk during Neutrogena’s launch of their Fine Fairness range last June 23, 2010 at Society Lounge in Makati City, was just the thing for me.  The innovative beauty product claims the ability to replace those melanin-carrying cells with brand new ones.  The hyperpigmentation solution in particular got my full attention.