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Sexy Solutions to Ideal Weight

It was via Instagram when I first learned of Raymond Gutierrez’s (yes, I follow him on IG) radical weight loss. I later learned that Sexy Solutions is the reason behind it. I actually had to stare for a bit, making sure it was not Richard Gutierrez‘s photo I was looking at. It was just too good to be true.

A fuzzy shot from a beauty event I attended held in White Space, Makati in 2009. I saw for myself how big Mond Gutierrez was and it is just encouraging to know that we can now radically reduce to our ideal weight without invasive procedures.

When Cristalle Belo explained how the Sexy Solutions procedure works, it sounded a lot like the Shape a& Sculpt Treatment I had done at Flawless last year. (more…)

My Flawless Meso-Lipo + Shape & Sculpt Treatment Experience

As soon as I got back home from Flawless last Monday, I tweeted away: “this is prolly the most invasive that I will ever get–meso lipo for my macho arms. Ang sakit!” The week prior I got a heads up from the hubby that I can avail of Flawless’ Meso-Lipo promo. I made sure I did and purchased a couple at P4,500 a pop. I was looking into having my arms and tummy done. The promo came with a free Shape & Sculpt 3 in 1 advanced technology procedure, which I love! The one I got from Asian Tropics was definitely blah compared to this.

taken right after the procedure