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The Sunsilk Co-Creations

When it comes to hair conditioning, I still have yet to find a local brand that is more popular than Cream Silk. Although I am not a heavy Cream Silk user, I have come to respect the brand and how it has established itself in the market by delivering to their claims- at least from the respective users’ perspectives. I personally know of a handful of users who swears by it.


Sunsilk Co-Creations Collection launches the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010

The launch of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 last Wednesday, May 26, 2010 was a success! Thanks to Sunsilk Co-Creations who partnered with four pairs of designers. Each look was inspired by the different Sunslik Co-Creations variants, namely: Smooth and Manageable (Arnold Galang and John Paras), Strong and Long (Joel Escober and Raoul Ramirez), Damage Repair (Chris Diaz and Veejay Floresca) and Straight and Sexy (Jerome Salaya Ang and Lyle Ibanez).

Here are a few of my favorite shots:


Sunsilk Damage Hair Repair Kit

Early last month, I sent this text message 10DAYS to 2600 as per advertisement that I saw. At once, I received this reply message that said that I am now a recipient of a Sunsilk Damage Hair Repair Kit which will be sent over after I registered. It was some weeks after that a Sunsilk representative called me up and checked some information that I entered in my registration details.