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Asics Foot ID Scan and Gender Specific Shoes

Asics Foot ID Scan

Kikay Corner got invited last Friday, February 5, 2010 to the Asics Expo, where a team of Japanese experts explained the benefits of Foot ID Scan. The Foot ID Scan system utilizes a cross-section to measure all aspects of a person’s foot. One simply needs to stand on two pads found on the scanner, and information is then entered into the database. Additional data on a person’s running gait is collected after running on a special treadmill. A highly trained staff member interprets the information gathered, and will match the runner with a recommended Asics shoe.


Burn Calories and Delay Aging

pingpong-kikaycorner-dot-netDo you know that an average 150lb. person playing table tennis burns as much as 272 calories? This is according to the calorimetric analysis. Now that’s something to think about and maybe consider investing on a ping pong table. Although this is not as much as what playing tennis does, it is still something.  You actually burn as much as 544 calories when you play tennis.  Not only do you get to burn calories, you also improve your hand and eye coordination. All of which have their anti aging qualities. When we burn calories and have our muscles work, we actually delay aging.