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Anti-aging Solutions through Carbon Laser Technology by Zen Institute

For those who joined Kikay Corner’s Diamond Peel and Body Massage by The Zen Institute Giveaway, here’s more about the Medical Spa. Not spas are built the same. Most that have mushroomed are no more than beauty spas that gave in to the bandwagon and do not actually have medical doctors in their facilities to back up their treatments.

Here’s a great innovation on anti-aging that is offered by The Zen Institute – Carbon Laser Technology.

Preparing for a party and hesitant to wear a sexy dress because of your skin problems? Tired of always using concealers on your face? Now the solution is just within reach, through a technology brought to the country by renowned dermatologist, a medical doctor who gets regular international training on state-of-the-art anti-aging and aesthetic solutions, Dr. Mary Jane Torres, or Dr. MJ to the contestants of Mutya ng Pilipinas beauty pageant, which Zen Institute sponsors yearly, and to countless clients and friends, who rely on her expertise to look and feel better.

Zen Institute founding president, Dr. MJ declares, “We now have the most effective solution for you! We just launched at Zen Institute FDA-approved technology Carbon Laser, which is unparalleled in what it can do to make your skin look young and flawless in short treatments with hardly any pain.” She adds, “With its direct energy beam that is evenly distributed from the center to the edge of the beam using its Top-Hat Mode, enabling safe and secure dermal pigmentation treatment, among others, is the most effective and unique non-ablative laser skin rejuvenation technology.”

“Carbon Laser improves skin tone, and in no time at all, you can say goodbye to blemishes, freckles, age spots, and nevus. This no-downtime technology solution also brightens skin tone and smoothens fine lines by stimulating collagen production,” says Dr. MJ on some of the benefits and features of carbon laser technology.

She assures, “Treatment is very comfortable, with only a warm slight pricking sensation. We apply a topical anesthetics ointment prior to treatment of any skin surface in order to allay any discomfort. Carbon Laser doesn’t just give you an effective solution to your problem, it also saves you time, as the procedure takes only from five to ten minutes.” She adds, “Carbon laser technology is the convenient solution to various skin problems—from pigmentation to age spots, melasma, sun-damaged skin, aged skin, to acnes and pimples, and many more. Even the tattoo that you’ve always been wanting to remove, but seems impossible to remove, comes off easily with this technology. Carbon laser will make it possible for you!” “Carbon laser treatment is different from the other means of laser treatment that has been known here,” says Dr. MJ and cites the differences.


Next in Line: L’Oreal UV Perfect BB Max

Because of my lazy nature towards multi step (sunscreen first, BB cream second) applications, this L’Oreal UV Perfect BB Max can easily lure me into doing the switch. Because I had a few BB creams that I’m currently using, my favorite being, Kanebo Freshel SPF 41 PA++, which I have yet to post about, it took me this long to give this L’Oreal BB cream a try.

I think I am blessed enough with fair skin that I can find that most BB creams that are available in the market, there’s always a variant that suits my skin tone. Having originated in Korea, most BB creams I have encountered are too light for the brown race. Just like what I’d do with most beauty products before I try them, scrutinize. And here’s what got me interested to try the L’Oreal UV Perfect BB Max.

Now UV Protection Enters a New Era
Every day, UV damages aggravated by pollution prevent you from getting the perfect skin you dream of. They are a major cause of skin imperfections: darkening, brown spots, uneven skin tone and premature aging. L’Oreal UV perfect BB Max offers Maximal Protection, Maximal Care and Maximal Correction.

The formula provides your skin with the maximal UV PERFECT protection. Thanks to the high photo stability of the patented Mexoryl SX/XL filtering system, skin is 12H protected against UVA/UVB. Brown spots, skin darkening and pre-mature ageing are prevented.

Anti-pollution active ingredient: enriched in Detoxyl to inhibit pollutants fixation on the skin.

Anti-free radical barrier: with Anti-Oxydant Complex and Activa-Cell, to shield cells’ DNA, elastic and collagen fibers against free radicals.

Thanks to powerful skincare actives, the formula hydrates skin all day long for a plumpy smoother skin.

Enriched with the breakthrough Color Equalizer Technology, an innovative pigments complex that desaturates skin discolorations – yellowish, brown and reddish. The formula instantly covers and corrects skin imperfections and brightens skin complexion. Skin looks even and brightened.

Results approved by 100% women*
1. Formula is protective.
2. Skin looks fairer.
3. Blemishes including pores are visibly reduced.
4. Wrinkles and fine lines are less visible.
5. Dark spots are visibly faded out.
6. Skin tone looks more uniform.
7. Skin is less dull.
8. Skin tone looks natural.
9. Skin looks younger.
10. Skin feels comfortable.