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Stem Cell Shampoo & Conditioner

While I know that brands might just be taking advantage of the “stem cell bandwagon” nowadays, I still went right ahead and added it to my shopping cart. With one of its ingredients being Virgin Coconut Oil, which promotes hair growth and not containing SLES or SLS, which we have successfully purged our toiletries stock from for years now, and it being BFAD approved, how I can go wrong?

StemCell Shampoo and Conditioner

The packaging was good. I love things in a tube, especially because the opening is at the bottom. This makes it practical for me not to have to shake the container upside down when the content is going gone. I did not miss the cheap sticker seal too, which I think earned it additional plus points. Not a lot of products have that nowadays.


Pure Glow 5 in 1 Hair Treats by Ara’s Secret

Before I became a fan of Pure Glow 5 in 1 Hair Treats by Ara, there was KSA Magic All in 1 Hair Treats. I first started using Pure Glow Hair Treats when I first ran out of KSA Hair Treats and there was a Pure Glow kiosk in our nearby mall. The rest, as what they say, is history. As I have mentioned before I can be a little too lazy when it comes to multiple step anything. Be it hair care or facial care. So anything all-in is always welcome thing. But I only do get stuck to the good ones. And this one, for sure is one of them, since I haven’t bought another shampoo product for some years now. Save for the Avalon Organics which promises to thicken my hair strand. I only bought one bottle of that. Since it’s too rough on my hair, I don’t think I’m repurchasing.

Amongst the handful of all natural shampoos available in the market, why Pure Glow 5 in 1 Hair Treats by Ara’s Secret, you ask. First off, the ingredients: Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Aloe Vera, Moringa (Malunggay), Virgin Coconut Oil, D-panthenol , Glycerin. No SLES or SLS. That’s more than a plus for me. It meant I can share this shampoo with my son too. Second and essential of all, it pretty much does the job. Despite all the traumas I have had my hair under, I can say it stays manageable because of this fab product.