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Meditate Your Way to Health, Success and Happiness

What do Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Michael Jordan and Lebron James have in common? They’re all incredibly successful, hard-working and geniuses in their field, but many people don’t know that they all practice meditation. Oprah said that meditation has made her “1,000 times better”. Michael Jordan and Lebron James, both famous athletes, practiced meditation to sharpen focus and improve concentration. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was a well-known meditation practitioner. As stated by his biographer Walter Isaacson, “Your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before. It’s a discipline; you have to practice it.”

meditation center

Meditation is the process of reflecting on your mind. (more…)

My Favorite Daiso Japan Essentials that Keep Me Safe and Dry During the Rainy Days

Rainy Days are here again! Here are some of my Daiso Japan Essentials that I make sure I armor myself with before I head out the door to face heavy downpour.

Daiso Japan, the only authorized and exclusive retailer of Daiso Industries Ltd. Japan that sells useful and cute items priced from P88, is all geared up for the rainy season with a wide selection of products that will help you stay dry, warm and prepared for the unexpected.


Daiso Umbrellas

Those who commute to work or school would be wise to bring an umbrella every day even when it’s not pouring outside. The unpredictable weather comes with sudden drizzles and rain showers so better be safe and dry than go home soaking wet. Add a bright streak to the gloomy skies with clear umbrellas with colourful designs available at Daiso Japan(more…)

SM Stages the Biggest Pokemon Lure Weekend Party

The Philippines biggest mall network, SM Supermalls takes the Pokemon Go craze to new heights as it staged the biggest nationwide Lure Party all weekend, from Friday to Sunday, August 12-14.


Happy 10th, Kojiesan!

Kikay Corner recently celebrated with Kojiesan their 10th year in the skin lightening industry.

Kojiesan’s manufacturer, Beauty Elements Venture’s Inc. (BEVI)’s success story is a witness to its owner’s determination. They started out with a few dozen orders and to its current millions of bars sold, the soap has been a favorite among the Filipino household. It started making waves locally and like every good news, it was bound to break out. Kojiesan is now known all across the globe.

Happy 10th, @KojieSanPH! 👒 #BringYourSkinToLight with #KojieSan ❤ #FirstTierBrands

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BEVI started in a humble office in a residential area of Makati. Now, the company operates from an entire building. It also owns 6 hectares of manufacturing facilities in San Pablo, Laguna, providing employment to more than 500 employees.

BEVI is the first to introduce kojic acid soap in the Philippine market, initially as a supplier to dermatologists, who prescribed it to patients with skin pigmentation and darkening problems. Realizing its potential, BEVI launched the original kojic acid soap formulated the traditional Japanese way and made it even better by adding high-grade virgin coconut oil into the mix.

I love success stories like this, they create a foreground for people like us to never stop striving to reach for our dreams. My first encounter with Kojiesan was when I learned from our helper some 6 years back that it was the brand of soap that she used. I had to ask because the transition from dull skin to a bright and flawless one was amazing. Yes, it was inevitable for me to stock up on it myself. 🙂

Kojiesan Products


#KissAgingGoodbye with Watsons

Kikay Corner and My Lucid Intervals

Watsons summons all to Kiss Aging Goodbye through their latest anti-aging campaign.


Aging is inevitable, true. But with all the latest in product innovations, I’m all for delaying it for as long as possible. Because of free radicals that come with today’s lifestyle, the signs of aging are more pronounced than they were decades ago. Truth be told, fine lines come as early as 20s. (more…)

On Empowered Women with Priva Perfect Care 2-in-1

We, modern day women, do not settle for anything less than perfect. From the diffent preferences in our style, to our look, down to every single detail there is about us, we like take things up a notch. When it comes to our personal care products, we expect the same level up. Our intimate care needs are no different. In fact, Priva® is made precisely for us women who won’t settle for less. From the makers of pH Care, the Priva® line is the advanced whitening feminine wash used for everyday care of the modern-day woman’s intimate area with added benefits that specifically address our needs.

Priva Empowered Women


Taking the Guesswork Out of Ovulation

Konw When Ovulation Test Kit

When you are trying to get pregnant, it can be both an exciting and frustrating time. For some people, conception is a breeze. They talk about having a baby and within weeks they are on their journey. For others, it can be a major challenge. When you want to get pregnant and your efforts fail, you can become filled with anxiety, wondering if there is something wrong. Before you jump to conclusions, you can look at ovulation as your first step. Pinpoint that pivotal period of each month and you may finally be successful in conceiving.

Konw When Ovulation Test Kit

Take Advantage of an Ovulation Test Kit


Diana Stalder Laser Treatment for Sunspots and Spider Veins Review

laser treatment for sun spots

Beauty Treatment Review: Diana Stalder Laser Treatment for sun spots and spider veins.

Sun spot, age spot, melasma, however it gets called, it has the makings of us being self-conscious or just plain annoyed. I honestly switch from former to the latter. Who wants a blotchy skin anyway?!

Diana Stalder Megamall

Diana Stalder, 5/F Megamall Building A

Finally took that step to get my sunspots taken cared of at Diana Stalder in Megamall towards the end of June.

Diana Stalder in house dermatologist consult Dr. Anne Capistrano

Consult with Diana Stalder in-house Dermatologist, Dra. Anne Capistrano

Skin Consultation

As soon as Dra. Anne took note of my sun spot skin concern, she headed on towards a series of questions on my lifestyle. Mainly pertaining to the frequency of sun exposure in my daily grind. I later appreciated how thorough she was before she jumped right on to a solution. I had a few options, one of which is chemical peeling, which provides the fastest result. But because I had a client call happening the next couple of days, there was no way it was feasible, since chemical peel will mean that I’m to visibly peel and I have to practically stay indoors and stay out of the sun. I’ve done this years ago and I know what it’s like. That takes it out of the question. After some deliberations, we agreed on laser treatment for my sun spots with TyRo White line to support the treatment. (more…)

Women’s Health Feature: Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Pads

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liners

Jeunesse Anion Pads – my healthier sanitary choice.

It’s been over two years now since I last used a regular commercial pad. If I were at all to use a disposable sanitary napkin, I’ve only since used Jeunesse Anion. It’s been that long too since I last experienced menstrual cramps.


A photobooth shot on my recent attendance at the Jeunesse Zumba event. Now that I think about it, that pose might as well say, “I have overcome!”

A quick back story: Menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea is something I’ve always had to deal with ever since menarche at age 11. I cannot remember the number of days and years I might as well be deemed paralyzed whenever I have my period. It’s the one thing that I so deeply dreaded EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH.

bloggers for jeunesse anion

With fellow-mommy bloggers, Nikole, Jing and Erica. 🙂

Menstrual Cramps

The U.S. National Library of Medicine have classified period pain into two different categories: Primary and Secondary.

Period pain is very common: most girls and women have pain of varying intensity at some point during their period. In 10 out of 100 women the pain is so bad that they are unable to carry out their usual daily activities on one to three days every month.

Moderate to severe primary dysmenorrhea is more common in women under the age of 20. The pain usually gets better or even goes away completely within a few years of their first period. Many women have milder period pain after the birth of their first child.

Secondary dysmenorrhea often first arises after a young woman has already been menstruating for several years. Here, women may also have pain at times of the month other than during menstruation.

I’ve proven this to be true, because at some point, cramps seem to have been non-existent a year or two after giving birth. But it came right back with a vengeance soon enough and I had to radically change the way I manage my period. In 2014, I decided that I’ve finally had it with period pains and altogether jettison the use of regular commercial pads. I’ve since started using bamboo charcoal pads when I’m at home. But because a lot of times, I have to leave the house, a washable pad, no matter how economical or non-trigger for cramps it is, isn’t able to hold heavy periods. Jeunesse Anion has been my period savior, and suffice it to say, I haven’t looked back.

The Grasyas for Jeunesse Anion

With my fellow-Grasyas mommy bloggers, Mauie, Camille and Iris. 🙂

bloggers zumba jeunesse anion

I love that Jeneusse Anion champions women towards being intentional in focusing on this basic need. I strongly believe that this is basic enough, since menses come in every month. Whether it’s clockwork like mine, for some, others – irregular. But it definitely is something women have to deal with for a very long time, battle with constantly, at least for most of us who’ve had to endure dysmenorrhea.

Jeunesse Anion recently partnered with Marriott Hotel Manila to freshen up those habits and stay motivated with an hour of Zumba and exciting demo of healthy one-pan meals, courtesy of Simply Cereal, Doña Elena Olive Oils, Clara Ole, and Al Dente Pasta.

Regine Tolentino Zumba Jeunesse Anion

Dancing is a surefire way of shaking excess calories and gain friends. Apart from ensuring a well-balanced meal, Jeunesse Anion campaigns for staying fit through active lifestyle, just like what multi-awarded celebrity host and performer Regine Tolentino does. It’s as if she never runs out of energy.

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liners

She’s the country’s “Dance Diva,” and a strong influencer in the dance fitness industry who proves that it’s one of the best ways to recharge our batteries. Regine is a licensed Zumba® and U-Jam® Fitness instructor, and certified by the AFAA (Athletic and Fitness Association of America).


Exercising to music like doing Zumba has loads of physical and mental benefits including improved condition of heart and lungs, increased muscular strength and tone, while reduces risks of osteoporosis and heart attack. Attending Zumba classes not only develops healthier body, it also helps moms become socially active, increasing emotional power. Much more, we love its mood-boosting benefits as it favors the release of endorphins that helps us melt not only fats but also PMS symptoms like moodiness.

Chef Mom Len Santos-Ding on Guilt-Free and Easy-Peasy One-Pan Meals

Chef Mom Len Santos-Ding on Guilt-Free and Easy-Peasy One-Pan Meals

With the rise of technology, people have grown more pre-occupied of so many modern things, forgetting the basic and most important of all — healthy but good food. Because we’re too busy and have less time to stay in the kitchen, we’ve grown so accustomed of eating fast or fried food. Len Santos-Ding, our mom chef instructor believes that a deliciously healthy meal doesn’t have to be boring by incorporating real and whole ingredients that are not hard to prepare at all.

Jeunesse Anion  gets it. We moms have to juggle a million and different things. As a homeschooling mom who’s freelancing here and there as a social media manager and mommy blogger, with my own household chores to care for, to boot, it’s easy to get lost in the everyday grind and count out what we use for regular sanitary hygiene.

Why It Matters

The chemical make up of regular commercial pads contains toxic substances that make them ultra absorbent. Dr. Mercola discussed it further in his article, “Women Beware: Most Feminine Hygiene Products Contain Toxic Substances.” This has been highly linked to female reproductive issues like endometriosis and even Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

When we take care of ourselves, it’s also like a gift to our family as well.

9 Reasons Why We Should Use Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins

1. Special Anion Chip

The anion (negative-ion) chip has a lot of health advantages, including: prevention of bacterial infection during menstruation, helps reduce feminine discomfort, and helps eliminate unwanted odors. Read more on the benefits of Anions.

2. Beneficial Ions

The anion chip in a Jeunesse pad releases negative ions upon contact with moisture.

3. Quick Absorption

4. Boost of Softness

5. Superior Liquid Retention

6. Breathable Freshness

7. Individually Sealed for Protection

8. Aluminum Resealable Packaging

9. Non-Toxic Glue

Jeunesse Anion is the first anion sanitary napkin available in the retail market with quick absorbing top sheet and breathable material made of virgin pulp cotton. Its non-liniment material helps fight vaginal infections or irritations that’s guaranteed safe for pregnant women and new moms.

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin and Liners are currently available at Watsons, selected Mercury Drug outlets. SM department store’s health and beauty section, Robinson’s Supermarket, Shopwise, Rustan’s, Waltermart, Landmark Department store, UP Town Center’s Merkado Department Store, PCX stores, selected Metro Gaisano outlets, selected LCC Malls in Bicol, plus other stores nationwide. You may also purchase Jeunesse Anion online via Check out and follow Jeunesse Anion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.