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Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liner Advocates PCOS Awareness

Did you know that 1 out of 10 Filipina is diagnosed daily with PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome? An imbalance of the hormones estrogen and progesterone that lead to forming of tiny, benign masses on the ovaries, this condition is one of the reasons why most women experience irregular periods, infertility, inexplicable weight gain, harsh breakouts, and insomnia. While there’s still no treatment and the cause is still unknown, PCOS is manageable with the help of an OB-Gyn and a licensed dietitian. With this in mind, here are some practical tips from Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liner on how to conquer PCOS:


  1. Catch it early. A regular visit to your OB-Gyn will prevent bigger problems. “Follow the old adage prevention is better than cure. “Schedule an annual gynecologic examination with blood sugar test to ensure your hormones are in check”, advises Dr. Faith Suluen
  2. Stay in shape. “Most of the women who are diagnosed with PCOS are usually overweight, but even if you weigh just right doesn’t mean you’re not prone to developing one”, says Dr. Faith Suluen. “However, since records show that there are numerous cases of PCOS on obese women, it’s strongly recommended to live up a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and balance diet. Quit smoking immediately and stop other vices if there’s any”, adds Dr. Faith.


Fitness Feature: Laser Fit by Contours Review

I lost a total of 5.5 inches with Laser Fit by Contours Body Design Studio!

I just got to lay it straight away right there, I’m in utter disbelief until now. Because, for one, we all know what its like to line up resolutions year after year just to find ourselves dwindling away until we’re back to where we started – ground zero. It’s a matter of discipline, really. I know I’m not alone in this. It’s a struggle for a lot of us, at least for those who will own up to it.

Contours Body Design Studio Megamall

First off, What is LaserFit?

Laserfit is a holistic approach to weight loss and body contouring. This is a combination of non-invasive full body cold laser exposure to melt fat, 10-minute interval training to burn the melted fats, and added nutritional recommendations and diet guide that leads to a holistic lifestyle. This is a program which provides fast results that goes immediately visible as fast as after the second session.

How does it work?

Cold laser (Zerona) exposure releases fat from the body for 3 days. Daily 10 minute workouts are recommended to burn fats, trim down and lose weight. You don’t have to worry about all these as Contours will provide a fitness facilitator just for you. We will help you and guide you all throughout the process! (more…)

Boho in a Solo by Ginny Guanco: An exhibit featuring hippie chic as art

Ginny Guanco’s figures for her painting exhibit at the Galerie Y in SM Megamall are what can be described as a Bohemian’s rhapsody. The art show, which features all-female subjects, opens on September 15. Of the 32 colorful paintings of women, 26 of these are clad in classic boho chic designs in a bow to the artist’s roots as a full-bloomed flower child in the 70s.


Ginny with the center piece of her art exhibit- the biggest one, done in Acrylic on a 36 x 36 canvas

Even in her growing up years, Ginny’s inclination to art was already very evident. In school, she participated in art contests. It was no surprise that after graduating high school from the College of the Holy Spirit in Mendiola, Fine Arts was the course she chose at  the University of Sto. Tomas.  As an artist immersed in her era, she believed in the message of peace, love, joy, and happiness against a backdrop of rock music and hippie art. “I was also really into bohemian fashion then as much as I am now. I did not outgrow my fashion taste, because I feel that it fits my personality and represents who I really am.” (more…)

Converse Fall/Holiday 2016 Debuts Counter Climate Collection


The Fall/Holiday 2016 Collection officially introduced the Converse Counter Climate Shield Footwear and Apparel Collection.


This couldn’t have been more timely as we have been experiencing downpour upon downpour and the weather-beating benefits of this weatherproof sneaker can be more handy than we think.


The Converse Fall/Holiday 2016 Launch was held at the Sky High Bar, Ace Hotel & Suites

20160905_191750Spotted: Julie Ann San Jose and Benjamin Alves (more…)

Save on Sephora Beauty Loot with Groupon Coupons!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Frugality is something I’ve embraced a long time ago. While I don’t scrimp on the priorities, I make sure that I always get the best deal there is. Like for instance, my first groupon purchase in 2011 where I paid for half the price of a 15 hour Maquillage Professionel make up class. It was’t cheap even with the discount. But 50% is 50% and since I wasn’t going to settle for mere You Tube tutorials, I cannot be more glad that I got schooled in a reputable make up school and I got it for cheap using one of those nifty Groupon Coupons!



Save Bucks on Traveling Essentials with Groupon

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

It’s the time of the year again when our family gets to travel. I love how social media reminds us of our previous getaways the same time of the year – with our birthdays (hubby’s and mine) being just 2 weeks apart, giving us reasons upon reasons to celebrate.

Our more recent quick getaway was during the long weekend. We went to Hyatt City of Dreams Manila. It was a sweet getaway. Because we travel rather often, our go to luggage for trips such as this was beat and it was too late when we realized it badly needs a replacement. We made do with our backpacks, but have taken note on getting hold of a successor. Besides our old one have served us years upon years.  (more…)

Four Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

Everyone’s lives can get busy, particularly during the summer months. Work topped with social and family obligations can make you downright exhausted! It is completely normal to feel a slump in energy because of this and the warm weather. Luckily, there are some easy natural solutions for boosting your energy levels. In addition to getting sufficient sleep, incorporate a few of these tips in order to begin feeling more energized and ready to take on the day!

Drink Plenty of Water

You probably already know that water is vital for a healthy, functioning body. That is why, without sufficient water, our body’s become dehydrated and have to work in overdrive to function normally. This is one of the most common sources of fatigue and can be easily combatted. Be sure to sip on water throughout the day and drink at leat 8 cups in total. You may even need more when it is hot out.

Spend Time Outdoors


Tips to Get the Best Clearance Sale Bargains

Toys, Youngsters can’t manage without them, and guardians abhor spending their well-deserved cash on them, particularly when the kid needs a mainstream toy that is to a significant degree costly. And afterward, with the costs of each item rising, it is considerably harder to spend cash for your youngster’s next occasion present. It is the reason numerous are picking to go to bargain basement deals where the toys are a considerable measure less expensive. Groupon Coupons for JCrew offers up to 50% off coupon on toys and might be an excellent way to save money. Guardians who can’t stand to purchase a hundred dollar amusement or doll can only go to a blowout deal to buy these excessive toys at a much less expensive rate and get their child or little girl something they needed. If you are one of those individuals, who go to closeout deal to discover shoddy toys, below are some tips that are vital for you to get incredible blowout sale deals.

1. Check the papers to check whether you can locate a couple of coupons which you can use on a closeout deal. Organizations adoration to advertise their items by utilizing these coupons and it’s an intelligent thought to exploit this. Additionally, verify whether any store is having a markdown on toys for that day. In any case, before you do this, ensure you read the terms and states of the rebate coupons and the deals since a few stores don’t give discounts for freedom things.

2. Shopping online. It is more to your advantage since you don’t need to waste time traveling, and you can shop whenever of the day. Costs for toys online will unquestionably be a considerable measure less expensive than anything you can discover in a nearby store.

3. Look for toys Clearance deals online on a wide assortment of toys. You will find more variety online since various retailers have blowout sales regular. It is an exciting approach to spare cash and gets your kid the toy he or she needs one place that you can get such coupons is For more instructions on Tips to Get the Best Clearance Sale Bargains, check www.

Meditate Your Way to Health, Success and Happiness

What do Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Michael Jordan and Lebron James have in common? They’re all incredibly successful, hard-working and geniuses in their field, but many people don’t know that they all practice meditation. Oprah said that meditation has made her “1,000 times better”. Michael Jordan and Lebron James, both famous athletes, practiced meditation to sharpen focus and improve concentration. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was a well-known meditation practitioner. As stated by his biographer Walter Isaacson, “Your intuition starts to blossom and you start to see things more clearly and be in the present more. Your mind just slows down, and you see a tremendous expanse in the moment. You see so much more than you could see before. It’s a discipline; you have to practice it.”

meditation center

Meditation is the process of reflecting on your mind. (more…)