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@AsusPH’s #IncredibleWorkshops with Victor Basa


Victor Basa jump starts Asus Philippines’ series of Incredible Workshops.

With the level of authority Victor Basa has gained through his years of personal branding through his online presence, he is not merely tagged as a Filipino actor, model, tv host, he’s also a well-known blogger who has made a name for himself and has since been a sought after ambassador of an array of brands.

Asus Incredible Workshop with Victor Basa

Victor Basa summons the blogging community to go beyond the mediocre by stepping up our game in blogging. That’s always something we can make use of especially with blogs that have mushroomed here and there. Not to be entirely competitive about it but more to keep readers interested. To be engaging should always be a goal but personal branding is made valuable by going back to the basics. First off, Victor enumerates some of his “style inspirations” being:  Allesandro Squarzi, Pitti Uomo and Lapo Elkann. (more…)

#IpanemaPerfectPair with Gerald Anderson

Ipanema Fashion Kirey III Fern styles

Ipanema’s brand new summer collection launch.

Just when you thought the summer season is ready to say goodbye, comes Ipanema’s newest collection launched recently in a romance-themed event – the Ipanema Perfect Pair at the Trinoma Activity Center!

The 3 chosen finalists – picked from those who posted the best ‘selfeets’ in the online Facebook promo – took the runway to show off the distinct Ipanema summer styles: Sweet & Dainty, Sexy Chic, and Bold & Artsy(more…)

Power Over Cervical Cancer

Fact: Seven Filipino women die of cervical cancer, a kind of cancer that puts every woman at risk, regardless of race, age, lifestyle or socio-economic status.

Cervical cancer continues to be a major threat for Filipino women. It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among Filipinas. What’s worrisome is that two in three Filipinas diagnosed with cervical cancer may die within five years. Since culturally, Filipinas are known to be caring and selfless for others but tend to dismiss concerns about themselves, those who may have contracted cervical cancer may have been diagnosed at a late stage, when the chances of recovery are slim.


Andi Manzano and her mom, Rose, shared their very touching story on how Cervical cancer has deeply affected their family. (more…)

Maxi-Peel Gandang Career Launch: Discover The Beauty of Success

Maxi-Peel Gandang Career champions working women to gain fresh confidence and have renewed drive as their concerns are addressed in the workplace.

I love how the inspiring talks went about. As a freelancing woman since I dropped my job in the bank so many years back, this as well may very well apply to me as I juggle so many tasks. No place for mediocrity, I should say, for us women who want our lives to count. And I believe that no feminine being desires less. Some may need a boost here or there but the innate need for us, in our very design to have the ability to nurture life in our very beings tells a lot about our deep desire to matter to the people around our circle of influence.

Lexi Shulze hosts maxi-peel gandang career event

Television actress, model, and DJ Lexi Shulze aptly hosted the day’s event. (more…)

Upcycling: What to do with Old Reusable Bags

At one time, I’m sure you thought you needed that new cotton tote bag, but after only a few uses, you probably tossed in the back of the closet with the rest of the reusable bags. Now you’re left with several reusable bags that you don’t know what to do with them.

Before you toss those tote bags in the trash, consider the following upcycling tips to breathe new life into those old reusable bags.

tote bags


Storage for Out-of-Season Items

Reusable bags are great for storing out-of-season items. Even a small-sized tote can store small summer toys, while larger bags work well for bathing suits, swim trunks and beach towels. Once filled the bags can be hung from hooks in the attic or neatly stacked in the back of the closet.


Halfway There! Au Revoir, Razor! No More Waxing too! #AlluraBody

Halfway through my 10 sessions of Diode Laser Undeararm Hair Removal by Allura.

Truth be told, I haven’t shaved my underarm hair since my second diode laser hair removal session. There’s no need to. I just got done with my 6th session and if there is any stray hair at all in my pits, they are barely noticeable and all are now like what we call in our vernacular, “balahibong pusa” – soft as a fur.

If, by any chance, you’re considering to undergo Diode Laser Underarm Hair Removal, I’m jotting down the things that will be done during the procedure. It’s done 10 minutes, tops – that already includes the preparation time.

Treatment Procedure

Step 1: Stray hairs are shaven off. 

I don’t mean to gross you out, but here’s documenting my most recent Diode Laser Hair Removal sesh through pictures – to give you guys an idea what it’s like, if ever you’ll consider going through the procedure. Excuse my rather chubby pits but that’s just the way I was built. Haha! The line on the lower portion of my right underarm is a scar mark from a swollen lymph node surgery I had from 7 years ago (I think). Despite the line mark, I’m grateful enough that the scar isn’t the keloidal kind. (more…)

My Favorite Things on Lyst Unveiled

MARQUES' ALMEIDA Frayed brocade jacket

Fashion must-haves on Lyst.

For those of us who have benefited from the perks of online shopping, we know oh so well what its like to spend our sweet time being productive while knowing we are not depriving ourselves of a little indulgence from time to time minus the hassle of the metro traffic or combing through endless aisles of dress racks and lines of shoes. While others may justify the hours of walking in malls, that’s just not for me anymore since I’ve learned to shop online. If it’s workout I’m after, I can turn the a workout video on easily right at the comfort of my own home. No time wasted on commute, zero carbon footprint and all win for the ever busy me. 🙂

There are a whole bunch of fashion sites on the world wide web, I know. But what sets Lyst apart, for me, is my ability to flag any item I find pricey and I get notified when that piece is on sale or is affordable at another shop. The ability to track specific fashion pieces of my choice and getting a feedback when they hit the store – now that’s beyond valuable, don’t you think?

Here are some of the pieces I’ve bookmarked away and a couple I’m looking into purchasing soon – they’re already on sale! Yay!

Adrianna Papell Floral Matelassé Fit & Flare Dress


Floral Matelassé Fit & Flare Dress by Adrianna Papell

I love all Adrianna Pepell designs. They’re all so feminine, stylish and dainty. I have in fact one Adriana Pepell floral print stashed away in my closet that I won’t dare use anymore. Let’s just say, I need to lose a couple of pounds or so. 🙂

What I specifically love about this particular Adrianna Papell Floral Matelassé Fit & Flare Dress are the metallic thread accents that intensify the luminous glow of the already charming party frock designed with a demure, cap-sleeve top and structured seaming down the flared skirt. What’s not to love! (more…)

Acne Problems? Benzoyl Peroxide to the Rescue!

Studies and research have shown that Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) is the known compound that effectively fights acne and stops it from getting worse.

Misconceptions about Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO)

  • Skin develops a dependency on the solution
  • Quitting its application will make acne develop faster and comes back “with a vengeance.”


How an acne develops diagram

Above is a diagram of how an acne develops.

How Acne Develops:

  • A pore is blocked by excess keratin, sebum, and dead skin cells comes in contact with bacteria which cause the inflammation.

How Does Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) Stop Acne:

  • Benzoyl Peroxyl breaks down into benzoic acid and oxygen, and the oxygen acts as a free radical destroying the cells that blocks the pores along with the bacteria growing on it.
  • During the early stages of acne formation,  BPO is known to be effective in preventing these outbreaks on the skin.

So where is this Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) scare coming from?

Here’s where the misconception comes in – when you have too much of the BPO on your skin, making sure that the acne-causing bacteria is eliminated from the surface, gives the skin unnecessary stress than protection. That stress leaves the skin more vulnerable to more acne outbreaks after quitting from BPO treatment. Using BPO the right way, meaning more strategically, on skin could help drastically minimize the formation of acne and prevent future outbreaks.

Good thing, Proactive Solution, America’s #1 Acne Treatment System has Benzoyl Peroxide that kills acne-causing bacteria.

Step 1: Proactive Renewing Cleanser. The ultra-fine microcrystal BPO penetrates the pores effectively but gently. The round exfoliating beads unclog the pores of impurities, excess ebum, keratin and dead skin.

Step 2: Alcohol-free Proactiv Revitalizing Toner refines and purifies pores, exfoliating the skin further by removing more dead skin cells and keeps pores unclogged. It also has soothing botanicals that gently balance the skin tone, removes excess oil for a refreshed, clear skin.

Step 3: Proactiv Repairing Lotion is an as-light-as-feather treatment that heals the blemishes off the skin and also helps in preventing new acne from forming.

FREE Refining Mask comes with every Proactiv Kit. The Refining Mask does its job to make sure skin is kept clear and acne-free. It is formulated with sulfur, a proven acne-fighting ingredient, reaches deep into the pores where blemishes begin. The Refining Mask unclogs pores, pampers inflamed skin, and softens the skin’s texture.

Note that  Proactiv only has 2.5% of BPO, which is lower than other over-the-counter acne treatments so it is safer to use daily. This level of concentration can already effectively kill acne-causing bacteria so there’s really no cause for worries–really. So not be afraid of whatever misconceptions there is about BPO and set your skin free of acne. Use it correctly, and you will never have to worry about acne again.

Proactiv Solution comes in 30-Day kit (Php 2,495) and 60-Day kit (Php 3,995) and is available at all Watsons stores nationwide.

Have You Tried Sample Room Yet?

Sample Room

I’d be the first to tell you that I’ve had had a lot of beauty product curiosity over the years. I may have been able to suppress and maybe wait out until a decent review is up that convinced me that it’s worth the try but there are a handful of product (and then some), that has got my EQ tested and I failed. Haha!

sample room

Sample products before buying full size


#HealWithVaseline this Summer: Vaseline Instant Fair Lotion and Deep Restore Lotion

The summer heat has gone beyond unbearable these past days. Unbearable enough that I was under the weather the week after my son was. Tandem it with one of summer’s most common diseases, sore eyes, and I just about welcomed myself into misery land. But as I am feeling better today, I’m more than ever convinced that we should be more vigilant in making sure our bodies are well hydrated, especially this summer.

Heal with Vaseline

That said, did you know that this wild summer heat has the makings of dehydrating your skin? I know this all too well since my cracked lips are such give away.  As our skin is exposed to factors that can damage and dry it out. From hot showers, air-conditioned rooms, to the heat and pollution during one’s daily commute, skin is stripped off of its natural hydration and moisture. Check out the difference between leaves with and and without Vaseline. That’s pretty much the case for my lip when I fail to dab Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on it – one touch and it’s likely to crack.


Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly

This tub of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly did not merely protect my lips but it has practically healed my cracked lips. No more achy and bruised lips from all the cracks. We all know how lips tend to crack when we are sick, so this has been my go-to-tub since I got the flu. (more…)