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Health Product Feature: Organique Acai Premium Blend

Organique Acai Premium Blend

As we live in a fast-paced generation, it is rather easy to take for granted the things that matters most and that includes our health. If we come to think of it, the stress that we go through on a daily basis have the makings of compromising our immune system and eventually snowballs to health issues along the way.  It is always a delight when we discover that nature itself has provided us with what we need to restore our health back to nourishment. One of which is the superfood, Acai (ah-sah-ee) Berry.

Acai Berry

Acai berries are small, dark purple berries considered to be the world’s number one superfood containing 10 times the antioxidants found in red grapes and blueberries. These antioxidants combat cell damage and promotes good health for us to continue living the good life.

Acai Berry is the main ingredient of Organique Acai Premium Blend, designed to help supplement the whole family’s nutritional requirements. From infant to adult, Organique Acai will benefit the family’s health. (more…)

Three Health Strategies That Promote Productive, Positive Living

While many people want to lead a productive, positive life, they oftentimes forget the integral role that health plays in facilitating this process. When you are healthy, your energy levels are strong throughout the day, thereby contributing to productivity and a sense of happiness. Yet many people don’t know which health strategies to implement for the purpose of generating these great life results. Here are three that you should try:

1. Natural Medicine

It’s no secret that most of us will have to deal with a mild or serious illness at least once in life. However, many people fail to consider that pursuing natural methods of healing can be much more advantageous than the synthetic approach. Yet going this route can indeed be more beneficial given the fact that using synthetic medicine can have adverse side effects such as weight gain and irregularity. (more…)

Fitness First Platinum Club at Viridian, Greenhills

As we typically jump start the year with New Year’s resolutions, it is only but timely to get fitness on our priority list. Incidentally, I recently toured the newly launched plush Fitness First Platinum Club at Viridian, Greenhills. Allow me to take you on a virtual tour. :-)


Fitness First Platinum Club at Viridian is the 5th Platinum club of Fitness First. Located at the Viridian Tower, the newest and most prestigious residential condominium tower at the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Center along Connecticut and Missouri Streets in San Juan City. (more…)

Salon Review: Akira Hair & Make-Up Salon’s Japanese Rebonding System

It was early last month when I first got pumped to go crazy with my hair again. My locks have been on treatment hiatus for almost 3 years and having my hair Japanese rebonded by the celebrated hair and make-up artist, Akira of Akira Hair & Make-Up Salon is the best way to “break my fast.” Finally, a hair treatment post after almost 3 years! :-)

Akira Hair and Make-up

Akira Hair & Make-Up Salon is located at the G/F of Regina Hometel, 7272 J. Victor S., Makati City.

The salon is near LIttle Tokyo and  a kilometer away from Greenbelt Mall. The salon is soon to franchise in different places within the metro as Akira makes sure his hair and make-up artists will all be well-trained to keep the quality of his beauty services as he trains them himself in the school he’s putting up south of the metro.

P_20160121_104206 P_20160121_104147

Akira has been featured in various lifestyle magazines, including Preview. (more…)

Watsons Rewards Lucky Shoppers with Switcher’s Surprise


Watsons, Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer makes lucky shoppers’ dreams come true – whether that’s the latest gadget, a brand new ride, an all-expense paid shopping spree or a trip to a dream destination with Switcher’s Surprise. On January26 and 28, five (5) lucky Watsons shoppers at the SM Mall of Asia were surprised, by simply making the switch and choosing Watsons Label products. These include a wide range of products from personal care to generic medicines like Watsons Glutathione, Watsons Travel Hair Dryer, Watsons Argan Oil Hair Conditioner, Watsons Body Scrub, Watsons Collagen, and Watsons Breath Strips, among others.

Watsons Generics Omnibus

Switch to Watsons Generics and Save up to 80%!

Watsons Personal Care

Watsons Personal Care Products

During designated hours of the day, shoppers who pick up specially marked Watsons Label products instantly get the chance to win awesome prizes, such as a flatscreen TV, a Macbook Air, and a trip for 2 to Hong Kong!

Watsons Switch and Save

The lucky shoppers were guided to a specially designed booth where they get their surprise – their Switcher’s Surprise personally handed by celebrity endorsers.



What’s the Big Deal About Acne?

What is acne and what are the things we need to know about this common and sometimes nagging skin disease?

Is it not simply a normal phase of growing up and something we all have to deal with in life one time or another? What if it has taken residence, a seemingly permanent one, at that? What’s a girl got to do? Here are some truths about acne, it pays to know about.

How Does An Acne Develop?

Acne, being the most common of skin diseases peak during the teen years.  Nearly everyone experiences acne at some point in life. It may last for a few months or a few years.

An acne blemish begins approximately 2-3 weeks before it appears on your skin’s surface. So while it may seem you get a pimple overnight, what you’re actually seeing is the final stage of a much longer process. It starts in your sebaceous hair follicles – the tiny holes you know as pores. Deep within each follicle, your sebaceous glands are working to produce sebum, the oil that keeps your skin moist and pliable. As your skin renews itself, the old cells die, mix with your skin’s natural oils, and are sloughed off. Under normal circumstances, these cells are shed gradually, making room for fresh new skin. (more…)

In Her Shoes on 2nd Avenue

Oh to wear many a hat! Girl, do I know so well! This is something we, modern-day Filipinas have grown accustomed to. Aside from being hands-on with the on-goings in the family, I also do my freelance job and I homeschool on top of all that. Did I mention I have given up on house help when our dear Ate Denna left in 2012? My daily grind can be quite crazy, I tell you. But I survive. It’s just a matter of juggling it right and making sure I self-care at the beginning of the day. Self-Care = Soul Care (Daily Devotion), before I even set one foot off the bed. The struggle is real and the challenges are aplenty but the fulfillment I feel at the end of the day of being able to do what I felt I was appointed to do through the day is beyond words.


Better-Looking Teeth Are Within Easy Reach

When many people have dental problems, they may feel as though they will never have a decent-looking smile again. If this is the case regarding your dental health, you may have tried your share of whitening products, but wondered if there is a better solution. Taking advantage of cosmetic dentistry options may be just what you need.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?


Look and feel your best this Holiday season with Proactiv Solution

It’s 11 days till Christmas and this season leading to the most anticipated time of the year can in fact, be the busiest, even most stressful. And we all know that stress is the number one cause of pimples for a lot of us.

As we look forward to reunions of all kinds, whether with family or friends, we all want to look our best (yes, despite the unbelievable stress we go through this time of the year).

How exactly do we achieve acne-free skin this holiday season?

Now, that’s the question. With weeks of left and right parties with little sleep and weaker immune system. The demands of the season might just get the best of us. The moment we neglect our skin, acne and blemishes are just around the corner. (more…)

Happy 1st Birthday Calyxta! #CalyxtaTurns1 #CalyxtaBeauty

Calyxta just turned 1 and I got to celebrate of this go-to beauty e-shop and community.  Calyxta’s party celebration was every girl’s dream of a makeover party with friends!

Getting ready for pampering! :)

Everyone loves parties. Everyone also loves to be pampered. Put the two together, and you’ve got an experience that is sure to make everyone feel special.


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Among the brands that guests got to try were Ciaté London, Toni&Guy, Maybelline, Browhaus, Strip, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret, and Enza Nail Spa.  (more…)